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  1. Thanks for that website! So informative! Can't wait to try out the supplements! -Sylva
  2. I understand.I also had the worst breakout ever over the holidays. It was REALLY bad.I managed to stay inside for 3-4 days but I couldn't get out of New Years with the family.What is it with family? Because we are of blood relations it gives them the right to say whatever they want with no tact? So I am at my in laws and just as I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin my sister-in-law thought she should inform me of how bad my acne is. Wow thanks! I had no idea. And then she though
  3. Wow. That's pretty brave of you! I can't imagine going out w/o make-up. Although the idea would be nice. To not have to worry about it or check it. I hate the time that it takes to put it on. Gosh to just get up and go! I don't know what that is like. None of my friends wear make-up on a day to day basis.-they all have beautiful skin. If my skin ever clears up I would probably try it.-Sylva
  4. So how much does L.M. cost? Which department stores carry the product? I've tried one Lancome foundation-Teint Idole. It was just too thick. My skin couldn't breathe. Sylva
  5. Ok great New Years Eve and I am in the middle of the worst break out I have ever had(I would classify it as "severe"). I've been able to stay indoors for about 3 days now. But tonight I have no excuse. I have to go to my in-laws and I am dreading having to see everyone. I am scared of their reaction to my face. When I put make-up on it makes it worse because it is so dried out from the new products I am using(supposed to get worse before it gets better). I hate this so much. My husband ju
  6. Yeah, TELL ME ABOUT IT! I hate going outside and having to maneuver myself so the sun doesn't shine directly on my face when I am talking to people. I hate that. It just sucks.-Sylva
  7. Yeah, probably. The weather does dry us out. And I think the foods we eat affect it. And we do tend to eat poorly around this time of year - more sweets, dairy. I had a terrible break out over the weekend-still recovering. I ate a lot of junk - brownies, a wine cooler, fettucine...anyways it affects me alot.
  8. I agree, very entertaining. Needed a good laugh today! Uummm? I choose fat. Yeah, it can be equally as scarring but at least there is a cure! I was very overweight after I had my 3rd daughter-people do treat you differently, but I worked out and worked it off. At least you know when you do a and b that over time c happens. And if that doesn't work you can get stappled!
  9. Thanx for your post! I think I am going to try that. About how much does that cost? Sylva
  10. Yes. I think I actually read it on these message boards-not sure. But I read that you should change your towels often because bacteria grows quickly with the dampness. You should also wash your pillow case often. Sylva
  11. Hello, I also have made a lot of changes in my diet. I don't see a huge difference ( I have moderate acne) but the changes have been great for my health. Much more in tune with my body and its needs. I've been reading books by Marilu Henner-FANTASTIC!-very informative! She has her own website. She lives by no dairy, meat, refined sugars,or chemically processed foods. I know it sounds extreme but when you research it-it all makes sense. I still eat dairy now and then and that causes a
  12. Molly, I am so sorry to here of all that you are feeling. I too have had a very rough week. I was able to stay home for a couple of days this week..and that actually helped...didn't have to wear make-up, avoided the mirrors, I had a little time to not be so consumed by it (believe me that doesn't last too long). Am going to try something new this week so am feeling hopeful. I just want to encourage you...I hear you loud and clear..Yes it sucks. But there are plenty of us in your situatio
  13. Hello, I am new to this site. I am very grateful for everyones postings...they have gotten me through some really rough days...I have moderate acne and have battled with it for about 11 years now. It has recently become much worse this past year. I have changed my diet..no dairy..no red meat..I've tried just about every over the counter medication -proactiv.. ..clearacil...the "regimen"...and most recently Aveeno has failed me. I am reluctant to go to doctors only because as a teenager t