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  1. Hi everyone, Quick background on me I never had acne growing up or even throughout my teenage years (turned 21 a week ago), but recently I've been having cystic acne which I rarely get. The cystic acne appears mostly on my left cheek and if it wasn't the regular visit to the dermatologist for a cortisone shot it would appear more often and last longer. I was convinced that I got acne from taking antidepressants (which are known to mess with your hormones) but even after stopping them I would ge
  2. Hi everyone, First time posting here about a concern I had and if I can get any feedback that would be great! Have been using epiduo and taking the solodyn pills for about a week now. The results were amazing my skin was clearing up in a few days of taking it but me being a irrational forgot to put on sunscreen... I never go outside but the day I chose to go outside I forget sunscreen and as many of you probably know acne medication + sunlight don't go hand in hand. Long story short my left chee