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  1. Hey, Ive run out of accutane and have a week before my appointment. In this week can I go back on this really good diet (contains vitamin A) cuz i know i can loose loads of weight b4 my 21st party. Good or bad idea?! Nixi xx
  2. Hi, im new can anyone help me? I am goin to see a private derm to go on accutane as i have to wait 3 months on NHS. My acne really stresses me out, i think its moderate to severe and im 20. This is ruining my life, i have a lot of really important things coming up (weddings, 21st etc) and i want my skin to look better...if i start taking accutane soon do you think i will see improvements in time for the wedding (in about 5-6 weeks time). Also can i take diannette at the same time? I hope some