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  1. acne about 3/4 large spots scars/marks..too many overall = look crap
  2. its sooooo hard to stick to it thou Part of you wants to go out and a bigger part is holding you back Man this sucks! I feel so depressed, I dont know where to to turn or who to turn to!
  3. Hey How do you deal with other people? I mean do you let people in and just be honest about your skin, or hide away. For me its definitely hide away, I miss social events because of acne which I know is very bad. I think im just scared of what people may think/say about me, also the fact that acne is very uncomfortable and oily...It really puts you off going out. As a result ive pretty much lost every friend, and now basically a loner Its like I live in my own little world, go out to study
  4. I remember last year, and last years acne/scars aint shit changed but the time! its so depressing! prob another NYE at home getting drunk cos look to shit to go out! who else in same boat, or similar ?
  5. Has anyone tried the PERL laser its suppose to be really good?
  6. Does anyone else feel uncomfortable and insecure, especially in social situations? I just feel dirty and feel I just dont look good or "normal" This has made my confidence so low, along with my self-esteem. My acne marks stand out so much, I have brown Asian skin, and like many people with darker skin tones, it just looks sooo bad when you get these dark almost black marks. I just dont go out anymore which I know is bad.
  7. Well ive been told by a few people that I am not confident and have lost my confidence...and yes this is true because of acne/scars I feel less confident and very shy. What are the steps I can take to gain some confidence back and loose my shyness?
  8. I been at home 6 days! because of acne new record for me. What makes it worse is I picked at my acne and made the whole situation 100x worse. I feel so bad and stupid! So..what is the most you stayed indoors because of acne, and was anyone stupid like me and picked your acne and made everything worse?
  9. I dont think I hate them, But always think to myself these guys are so lucky they can virtually eat shit, drink shit, dont even wash proper half the time and have flawless skin. These people dont know how lucky they are. It would be good to see how they cope in our shoes for a week or so.
  10. Just wondering who was other things wrong apart from acne or things that just make you look and feel worse. For me I cant put on weight, I eat like a horse and just dont gain weight...Ive been to the doctors/dietitian and they have no clue, just ended up saying its genetics. I'm a 5`10/11 guy and weight only 8 stones (112 lbs)....Not a good look, even my face looks skinny which only make the whole acne situation look worse! What a nightmare!
  11. Well, I wanted a new start and at the time my skin was great! I planned to start a fresh do a new course, get some more qualifications, get a better job, just get out and about more and meet new people. Then bam, within DAYS my skin changed for no reason my cheeks which were totally clear broke out like crazy and now look like shit. I totally lost my motivation and the little confidence I had has gone again, and now putting the course on hold until things look somewhat normal. Sometimes I w
  12. 1. When you go out and everyone looks great and you look horrible and pictures and taken and posted on the social websites! 2. Makes you feel small almost like a little kid 3. Destroys your confidence and self belief 4. Its very frustrating, because it comes and goes it feels like your face is ever changing! 5. Other people eat crap, have a crappy lifestyle, dont even wash properly and have perfect skin what is with that! 6. The feeling you get when people are staring at your skin makes me
  13. i dont know sometimes it feels like people treat u like a 2nd class citizen or a extra to the party
  14. Do you think people judge you on looks? I think they do, even sub-consciously. acne is one of those thing with is quite literely in your face and people see that before anything else mainly because it stands out.
  15. Hey I'm at home obsessing over acne/scars and I been looking for work for so long, getting nowhere fast! So does anyone know of any jobs in the London, England or surrounding areas? I'm willing to give anything a go, im desperate!