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    Just another American idiot =)
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    Hi guys!<br /><br />Much love to all my fellow sufferers!<br />Hold in there, it will all turn out good, I promisse =)

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  1. you guys disgust me....

    ignore these fools and be with a real man

  2. pretty.

    add some teh piczors =)

  3. I keep leaving because I cant suffer fools like you, never could never will. Ive left three boards in total because I couldnt stand some of the fools unfortunately it also meant leaving some nice reasonable people. I get on reasonbly well with many mature people but if someone gets up my nose I cant fake it so its either say whats on my mind or leave. Unlike infantile barbie dolls who use the internet as a baby sitting service to fret over a solitary blemish I keep coming back because I get a
  4. ive had ingrown hair form overnight i wouldn't be suprised if acne was the same!
  5. jahluv

    My TCA log

    ok, i see frosting, i was worried for a second! it stings a lil bit but nothing a strong young girl like me cant handle im going to cool off outside let my skin get some fresh air let it breeth and heal
  6. what does your skin smell like after goat milk products? i hate the smell of the cheese! lol
  7. i wouldn't bother with diet for acne but its a good lifestyle decision for overall health
  8. where is prettyfromadistances opening post? this is crzy what is going on lol
  9. where is the topic information?
  10. jessners peel is only a medium stregnth peel expect some flaking, but minimal peeling
  11. i wouldnt want to experiment with my skin let people try the new products/lasers first then do it if you get good feedback selfish, but truley the best way to go about scars
  12. jahluv

    My TCA log

    ok, i just done my first TCA cross i used a small tooth pick, and pricked the inside of the scar for 3 seconds hasn't gone white yet, i wander if i did it right?