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  1. It took a while but I think I found my perfect cleanser. I've been using Avene Cleanance for about 2 weeks now and so far my skin looks awesome. I'm still recovering from a couple of pimples that were forming just as I started using it but the rest of my skin looks terrific and smooth. I love this stuff! I gotta warn you though, it's pricey...but it's worth it. Just wanted to share...
  2. Has anyone heard from LionQueen? Hope she's ok...
  3. My current cleanser is Aveeno. It's not bad, but it's not great either. I have lots of clogged pores on my chin and I don't believe the cleanser is the cause (my problem started before i used this product) but I've been given a bottle of Avene Cleanance and I'm curious how it has worked for others. I know Avene has some pretty respectable products and I currently use the Diacneal product which is good....wondering if the cleanser might help just as well.... Thanks in advance!
  4. Well I've been using the BHA's + Diacneal consistently now since about February. My problem since about september has suddenly been comedonal acne, mainly on the chin. It seemed to be clearing up some, but in the last couple of weeks I've noticed many are returning. Not sure if they are new or in the same spots but I can't get them under control anymore..... I wonder if I should switch from my usual cleanser Aveeno to another product. I have a bottle of Avene Cleanance....has anyone had any ex
  5. ZoeBee

    My log

    Well it's been over a month since I've last written and not much has changed actually. Still taking it easy on the BHA....2-3 times a week and a noticeable improvement in the area of microzits. I managed to get through a couple of mentrual cycles without any hassle either and I don't want to jinx anything but I haven't popped a zit in weeks. However I still do have those stubborn closed comedones on the right side of my chin. I'm afraid to pop them myself because they will surely get inflammed s
  6. ZoeBee

    My log

    Well it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted my progress. I've decided to cut back on the BHA which I've pretty concluded is the cause of all these microzits. Maybe my skin just wasn't reacting well to that much of it and all the while I thought my skin was still purging. For the past week and a half I've been using it only once every other day or less. Maybe 2-3 times a week. MUCH BETTER. Not a single microzit in sight. Still using my diacneal every evening. Right now skin is looking pret
  7. HOLY WOW that's awesome it has totally cleared right up! You look great! Congrats!!
  8. Thank you Lorrie for this info! I already consume most of these regularly maybe I should just up the anti! lol. Thanks again:)
  9. A few simple suggestions: -Efa's. Fish oil and Flax. Carlson's seems to be the most reputable brand of fish oil. Flax seeds are very cheap to buy at most food stores. You will need to grind or blend up the seeds in order to make them digestable. -Turmeric. A spice used in curry powders, I believe. Highly anti-inflammatory. -vegetables vegetables vegetables. There's no way around vegetables being amazing foods. The best ones are leafy greens (collard, turnip, mustard, spinach, kale, endiv
  10. ZoeBee

    My log

    Well, no real pimples right now, just lots of microzits. WHY? I don't get it??? I decided to go a couple of days without the BHA to see what would happen and today I woke up with a bunch of microzits on my forehead and chin. I don't understand what is happening to my skin and I'm not very happy right now.
  11. ZoeBee

    My log

    Blemishes on chin are on they way out, but slowly. Now they are both still a crusty mess. But really not THAT bad at least I can sort of cover them. My forehead hasn't been totally clear in some time. There's always at least one comedone. But luckily they take little to no time to surface and heal. Otherwise the rest of my face is ok. I'm a little pale though...would like to go tanning but I'm a little nervous how my skin will react now that I'm using all these different products...!
  12. ZoeBee

    My log

    Well it was a rough weekend with that insane zit on the side of my chin. It was wierd it never really came to a head, only a little. I squeeze out some of the white successfully but it just didn't appear "emptied" if you know what I mean. I thought to myself immediately that it must definitely be a reoffender and that I wouldn't see that last of this one. But still a couple of days later and it's still a red lump, no whitehead and little more flattened. Very strange blemish I must say. And I thi
  13. ZoeBee

    My log

    Hi ZoeBee! Sorry it took me so long to get back to your log. I am not combining the BHA with a retinoid YET. I plan to in the future but I am on a tight budget and just cant afford it right now. Currently I am recooperating from a combination of the IB from BP and my monthly breakout. This last week was really rough. Uhggg! Today my skin is healing up nicely from that bad breakout. My acne is very mild currently. The reason I started the BHA was because of the closed comedones that I am plagued
  14. I'd like to know what most people do when they have a zit that's taking it's time coming to a head. Some people say to ice it, others say to hold a hot cloth on it for several minutes repeatedly. What has worked better for you???? And if you have a better idea please let us know-)