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  1. Its cetaphil lotion, says for dry sensitive skin. Wasn't too greasy if used in moderation. Seriously, if you see this post, try my routine. Cleared up my acne 99%. Still have LITTLE bumps on temples, but sooooo small and not even noticeable. If you're a guy also shave. When I wouldn't shave for a few days I would get a few spots.
  2. Use AHA, salyilic acid and benzoyl peroxide all together. Aha/BHA can be used in cleanser. Had same problem, for 2 years, used all those products but never together. Thought it was hormonal. Clear as fuk now.
  3. I've had stubborn acne around mouth and face for over 2 years now and have found basically the cure for me. Felt like I should spread the knowledge because I know there are many people out there that use salyilic acid, benzoyl peroxide and AHA alone and think that they don't work. They all need to be used together. 3 products total. Use IN THAT ORDER. Twice a day. changed my life, finally clearing this acne... -Murad AHA/BHA face wash. -2.5% benzoyl peroxide -cetaphil moisturizer Best o