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  1. Hi all, I've currently been on the Regimen for a little over a month and I still have these small bumps in between my eyes that are DRIVING me crazy!!!!! I keep putting extra bp on them to keep them at bay but it doesn't seem they are going away at all. I'm not sure if they are blackheads whiteheads or something else but I have no idea how to get rid of them. Or if they'll ever go away. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Pictures attached!
  2. Ugh i know my skin is still having a really hard time and i am coming to an end of my 4th week. (Started using June 29th, 2015) and its now July 24, 2015. I find that if i dont use the aha my skin is SO dry no matter how many pumps of lotion or jojoba oil i use. The aha has really taken down the "flakeyness" of it for me which i love. But like you said im still having really bad breakouts, about 4 new cysts a day maybe more and about 4 small white heads every morning when i wake up (which i pop
  3. UPDATE: Skin has VASTLY improved with removing the aha+ out of the regimen, I will try adding it again once I'm completely clear. I recommend you try ditching it for now as well. Hope your situation improves!
  4. You're not the only one struggling!! The first two weeks of the regimen skin was like a dream some so clear then Week 3 I developed a huge cyst on my cheek which Ive NEVER bad before in my life, I just came back from the dermatologist who microsanded it thank God, I alao started using the aha moisturizer this week twice a day and maybe I used too much cuz it dient really say how much to use so I put a generous amount all over then cut it back.. When I started seeing the little bumps come back..
  5. Cleared up 85-90% of acne in first week. My face hasn't looked this good in months , THANK you and praise the Lord for your products it's the only thing I've ever used that's helped diminish blackheads for good. Better than any trip to the dermatologist and saved me hundreds of dollars of wasting my time on temporary fix micodermabrasions. I finally have my confidence back, don't worry about my skin and have been going out with 0 make up. My acne was light, but it seemed nothing would clear my b
  6. Best overall oil!! Must try!!!

    This oil always makes my skin glow, reduces the size of pimples and inflamation and NEVER makes me break out. Its an amazing product for red spots and scars and keeps your face hydrated, soft and glowing. I use it every day at least twice a day. The product is Sibu Sea Buckthorn Oil and I HIGHLY recommend This for every day use and can be used to replace jojoba oil. I use 2-4 drops mixed with moisturizer and will also use it separately in my face if I have any scars, pimples or dry spots. MUST T
  7. swimgal

    Not for acne

    Not for acne

    This product is great at temporarily shrinking pores and adding a glow to skin. However based upon the reviews I tried using this to help with my black heads and it didn't really do anything. At first it seemed they were clearing up but it was just an illusion from the pore shrinking quality of the product. I used for 3-4 weeks and my blackheads continued to get worse with new white heads as well. I wouldn't recommend this product for acne but it's a good toner and will make your skin glow.
  8. swimgal



    I've had mixed reactions with this product, it recently helped reduce the size of larger inflamed pimples but on blackheads it's useless..I used to use this all the time when I was in high school and would slather it all over my face and it worked for very light acne. I don't know if they've changed the formula but I find it completely useless now. I recently tried using the product because of my past results when I was desperate for a spot treatment, however it went 50/50 on whether or not it w
  9. UPDATE: Just wanted to say after one day of the regimen my skin has cleared by at least 50% it's incredible!!! And the AHA+ is an amazing spot treatment and clears up pimples right away!!! Love this stuff !!!!
  10. Would you recommend putting it on blackheads and white heads or just larger pimples only? Thank you!
  11. I am starting the regimen today and was wondering if I would be able to use the AHA+ alongside the Bp right off the bat. I have sensitive moderate oily skin and light acne (mainly blackheads and whiteheads and occasional larger pimples) and a few red marks from past pimples. Would it be wise to wait a couple of weeks or could I start using the AHA+ immediately as a spot treatment for pimples and red marks during the day while using the bp at night, since in the beginning the bp is only once a da