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  1. As the title suggests, it is my second course of Isotretinoin and I just entered my 3rd month with a 20mg/day for 5 days a week dosage. 3days ago I got a small bumpy pustule (I think its that) under my eye and as you know I am very self conscious about it. It gets a bit whiter everyday but I just want it gone ASAP. Will Isotretinoin just take care of it? Can I use BP (Epiduo) or Betnovate (corticosteroid cream) to spot treat it and kill it faster? PS: My dermatologist is overseas so
  2. Hello fellow acne-sufferers. I have had acne for most of my teen years. Right now I am 20. I have post acne redness in my face. It’s so annoying. They fade over time. I have had some IPLs and have seen a 60% improvement. But red is just red. I wanted to know since summertime is here, if the sea water(swimming) helps in fading the redness. And if yes, does it stay like this? Also, I have been prescribed with Epiduo Gel. Has it helped you with facial redness? Thank you so much in advance.