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  1. The progress in your skin looks amazing!!!! Keep staying positive and hopeful, it'll be worth it and these months of waiting for clean skin will be so worth it!!
  2. Sorry I've been MIA! I have finally finished my 5 months on Accutane and am living acne free! I haven't had to worry about deep, painful, crusty pimples for months! Still have some scaring that I would love to work on in the future, but my skin has never been so clear and healthy! So glad I decided to go through with this treatment! Hope all is going well with you and your journey!
  3. Awesome that you will be on your way to clear skin very soon! I am less than a week away from completing my second month and things have been doing very well! I have still been getting little pimples but I haven't gotten any large cystic acne in about two weeks, yay!! I'm left with a lot of scarring, but my face is pretty smooth for the most part! I've been getting rashes on my arms and legs if I don't moisturizer twice daily, so I recommend getting a good lotion and putting it on even before yo
  4. Please just take a step back away from the condition of your skin, and really look at yourself. You are irreplaceable, valued, and loved! God placed you on this earth for a reason, and He loves you soooo much! He wants to bless your life and help you through these hard times! No matter what those discouraging thoughts in your mind are telling you, you are going to get through this and get your life back. Don't let acne have this much power over your life! You are worth sooo much more! Please let
  5. Wishing you luck on your journey!! I'm surprised your derm didn't warn you- waxing is definitely something to avoid while on accutane! Your skin will rip right off! Try to stick to tweezing for now
  6. Hey, I feel your pain! I'm on my second month of Zenatane, and my IB was crazy! I was in VA as a youth counselor so I was always outside and caking sunscreen on my eruptive, dry, crusty face! That being said, it gets sooo much better!!! Just hold in there! Once you finish your first month, then the rest will seem easy Also, don't worry about your relationship! Your girlfriend likes you for you- with or without acne. Even when you can't love your face, remember that she loves it! You are going
  7. Yay!! Congrats! Praying that your scars start to heal and you're left with an even complexion!
  8. I know it seems stupid, but you need to show 2 negative pregnancy tests before your doctor can legally prescribe you Accutane, no matter what form of birth control you choose! And the tests need to be spread a month apart so that you go through two menstrual cycles because this includes two periods of fertility.
  9. Are you in the US? If you are then it'll take you at least 2 months to be put on Accutane (stinks...I know!). This is because the iPledge program (the Accutane pregnancy prevention program) has a certain protocol that you and your doctor must follow. At your first appointment, you will take a pregnancy test. If that's negative then you will pick your two forms of birth control and your doctor will enroll you in the iPledge program. If you're not sexually active, then you're able to pick abstine
  10. Your progress looks great! I started July 25th, so I'm only a little bit behind you! After my IB, everything seemed to calm down and then individual cysts have been coming and going daily. The Accutane has seemed to make my face both erupt and heal way quicker than normal (I could do without the quick breakouts but the quick healing is nice, haha!) As far as you asking about the redness, I've read that a lot of people had redness during their whole coarse that faded once they were off of their t
  11. One Month: One month down, four to go! I went to the doctor yesterday and received my second month's dose of Zenatane! My blood test came back perfect, so my body is responding well to the drug. I was sick with a killer cold the last two weeks, which meant lots of nose blowing! My nose got so dry that I was getting like 2 nose bleeds a day which was horrible. I started putting Aquaphor in my nose every night and it helped me from getting the nose bleeds so frequently. My skin and lips don't se
  12. Do you live in the U.S.? It's a program put in place to prevent women from getting pregnant while taking Accutane because of the birth defects. They check to make sure you're not pregnant, put you on 2 forms of birth control, wait a month and then test your pregnancy status again! It's quite the process, haha. And I would say that I experienced an initial breakout my second week. I felt everything under my skin getting pushed to the surface (gross, I know!) And then I had huge, crusty whitehea
  13. Thank you so much! Have you started your iPledge process yet? I hope everything goes well for you and your treatment! I'm just trying to be as positive as possible because even if my face isn't showing desireable change, at least any change at all shows that it's doing something! I know all the progress will come together in the end for you and me both!
  14. Week Two: So I now have completed week two! I spent this past week as a counselor at a camp with my youth group! I had a great time but my face was totally abused this past week... Haha! I think it's safe to say that I had my initial breakout- I had like 10 huge, swollen, prominent white heads on my face. They were crusty and dry and it took so much will power to leave them alone! We spent hours outside in the sun so I was caking on sunblock like it was my job! My team also won team spirit so m
  15. Thanks so much!! And that's what I'm praying for!!! I like your upbeat attitude! Do you wear make up or go bare faced? Thanks, I'm trying to stay positive through this process! I go bare faced! I've never been into putting makeup on my skin. I felt like I had so much going wrong with it that adding a layer of product to it would just worsen things! I've also always felt that people should see the true me from the get-go! People that cared about my acne wouldn't be people I wanted in my life a