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  1. Thanks for your response.. so keep plowing on and things will get better?
  2. Hey so I've been doing the regime for 7 weeks now, morning and night, with the addition of aha at about the end of week 4. I do the regime as per the guide, and feel like I'm doing a good job at following it I've had limited results so far, sometimes I feel as though my skin is getting better, and then wham bam, why thank you ma'am, I'll get a nasty breakout. As part of the regime, I feel as though there are a lot of red marks/pih present than beforehand, however I do believe that the reg
  3. Hey, so I've always had bad skin, but in the middle of march it started getting dreadul and I've become incredibly insecure about it since then. I started the regime properly over a month ago now, and have seen little to no improvement. My current regime is AM Cetaphil/acne.org face wash Proactiv BP Acne.org moisturiser/jojoba And PM is the same with an addition of half AHA for about the last week now. I tried to use the acne.org BP but i found it extremely drying to the point of c