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  1. Thanks, everyone seems to be telling me they see improvements, sometimes when the light hits it just right im not sure. I think the scar color is better for sure. Yeah, still being pink is normal. It may be different for everyone. I was semi pink in that area for a month and a half before it started to not notice it. Just takes time. I know MiXto isnt the end all scar treatment, so maybe in a few years there will be something to take care of your deeper scars. Jeeze, $180?! I thought i
  2. Update Day 48 The redness has gone down greatly and with that it seems like my color has improved. I'm still not sure what to think. Some people say it helped a lot, and i think i see the difference except tits hard for me to tell since i see my skin everyday. There pictures where take a week ago. I started breaking out some because i used moisturizer at night to help stop my dry skin. I think the dry skin is more of a result of weather changes rather than the procedure. I also added those vit
  3. MissLeni, I would definitely say to stick with it for a month or so and see what happens. As you can see in my posts I didn't see that much of a different at all, but this past two weeks I've been noticing my skin has better color and perhaps the scars has lessons a bit too. For the first few weeks I was really self conscience about my redness, I understand your concerns. My derms office told me it should last longer than a week, but really it was more like a month and a half. While I didn't th
  4. Glad to here you're doing well Kitty. Any more updates? Day 25 update: So overall today was a good day for my skin. The entire day my face looked refreshed, almost abnormally so. My skin tone was fairly consistent throughout which is strange for me to see, I guess in a good way. I've been having a hard time comparing how i looked before to how i look now. Mentally it difficult for me to notice a difference since i see my face everyday but i do there is a positive change. I'm glad you guys see
  5. Update - Day 18 As of today I don't see improvements in terms of the scaring and depth. I have noticed that my color is a lot better which has lifted my self esteem up a bit. The scars are less noticable because of the better tone of skin. The area that was treated is still a tab more pink that the other parts of my face. I dont believe this isn't noticable when im out and about, only 10 minutes or so after i apply toner or moisterizer. I stopped using the expensive moisturizer i was given an
  6. Ok, here is my day 8 post. The next set of pictures will be posted here next week. I will try and continue once a week for the coming months (could take us into June of 2009) Right now my skin is still slowly returning to normal. As of today I don't see any improvement in my scars. I do however notice that my skin is much calmer than it used to be. I use to be calm in the morning but it sustained it for the entire day which makes the scars less noticeable. My skin is somewhat flaky as you can t
  7. How do you feel the olive oil helps you? I do take Whey Protein powder everyday along with Centrum vitamin supplement. Should i look into taking additional vitamin c? I was actually going to start a thread on another board here which dealt with me changing up my routine.
  8. My skin is slowly starting to calm down from the treatment and as of right now i dont see any improvement. I know if i mentioned this to anyone they would just tell me to wait a few months and see if the collagen builds up like i was instructed. I already paid for the second treatment so i'll be doing that in December. I had this done in Scottsdale, Arizona. I kept reading mixed things on MiXto, but nothing that was from someone in my situation months along. I always read mix things about every
  9. Thanks, but you know how it is. It looks more extreme to the person with the scars than to everyone else. My left cheek looks ok, but my right cheek has the most scars. Today will be my last day with the dirty man beard. I will shave tomorrow and take pictures. It hard to tell the progress with a beard since it covers up everything. You can also see outlines of my scars where hair doesn't grow anymore. There are still areas of pinkness, which i hope will be gone in a week or so. My skin still g
  10. I believe my redness is starting to come down a little bit. I was looking at my "before" pictures and i liked the calm color of my skin in some of those. We'll see after i shave on Wednesday. I kept the beard on for a couple of reasons 1. To see what i look like with one and 2. To cover up my "sun burns". I'm still mindful of my skin moisture. I only apply the moisturizer now with SPF15. In the morning my skill looks moist, when if i scratch it there are tiny white flakes. My skin is still heal
  11. By the fourth night I was done peeling. I think you should play it safe and call in on Monday, which is the night you could be done peeling. You do not want to rush the peeling by scratching or rubbing the dead skin. Good Luck! I spent today with some of my family and the first comment they made about my pinkness was "ooh you got a sunburn!" Thats my story and im sticking to it. I don't plan on shaving till Wednesday or Thursday. I can say its a sunburn for a week or two, but after that the r
  12. Thanks for the support MooShoo. I was always annoyed by people who dont update their journals after a couple of months so im hoping to change that for my own journal. Ok, all of my dead skin came off by the end of last night. My skin has a skin tone to it. I feel safe to shave, but i told someone i have a small beard going on and they told me to keep it so i may keep it for another week or so. I suppose it doesn't really matter for the pictures considering the real results are not likely to be
  13. Thats too bad about the buff puff. I couldnt imagine using that on my skin even before this procedure, its just too sensitive. When you say you dont think your skin can handle it, what do you mean? As i said in my message to you, my second treatment would be in December also, right now it looks like im going to stick with it. We'll see i suppose, but i already paid for it in advance (required) The hardest part for me is worrying about going back to work and school and what people will thin
  14. How long did you wait to shave again? Tuesday will be my 6th day since the procedure. I may choose to go into work then or I could wait till Thursday. by that time I'll have a respectable Chuck Norris beard. I agree that I shouldn't get my hopes up for a while now. How good would you say were "true improvements" are? How red are you still? My face isn't as red as I thought it would be; however, it seems to vary in different lighting conditions around my home. [edit] By the Way, Here are so