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  1. I'm at my three week mark which is when most people say they begin to see a difference. Everything looks the same to me so I decided, after doing more research, to add in a zinc supplement (this version contains 2mg copper as to not cause a copper deficiency). Will update when something happens, lol.
  2. I'm sorry I do not have any advice as far as dosage, but this is the most recent B5 post I've come across and I wanted to ask you questions!! Are you still taking it? If so, when did you notice clearing? I'm almost at my 3 week mark, and while my first 5 days on B5 were good (no new acne, old acne healing) I began to break out just like before starting B5. And I haven't noticed any clearing since. Just wanted to get some advice or timeline from someone currently on it.
  3. I'm on day 12 and from reading past B5 logs I figure I'm having my initial breakout. I read other people experienced theirs about 10-12 days in. Bummer but hopefully it passes soon. Right now I have two noticeable/slightly painful little cysts. Along with all the previous bumps/red marks. And after taking a good look at my face, I feel like the more noticeable bumps im dealing with now, including the little cysts, are previous smaller spots. Maybe the junk inside is finally coming up? I've
  4. First off, I am a long time lurker here and found that reading people’s personal experience with various acne treatments has been very helpful/comforting for me. So this post is basically a way for me to keep track of my progress while at the same time hopefully allowing other curious lurkers to maybe find some relief. My background with acne is as follows….(it’s loooong. My B5 regimen is at the bottom if you want to skip ahead! Lol). So I started getting pimples around age 13, and it wa