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  1. Scylla

    Cysts/nodules constantly on chin

    I took a 5 month course. I noticed I was clear after 2 months, although everyone has different results. It seems like the majority of peoples' first reaction is to worry about the "severe" side effects. Every drug has side effects. Some have pretty harsh side effects and yes, it is possible to have those bad side effects. However, most people don't. Taking that first pill was scary for me, but in the end, I was completely fine. I know that amnesteem (generic) is about $400 without insurance. I'm
  2. Scylla

    new to board

    Sounds like you have mild-moderate acne (although it probably doesn't feel mild). If you don't have pustules or cysts, I wouldn't put it in the severe category. Usually, people that have severe acne, know that they have severe acne. The ones that have to ask are more likely on the mild-moderate side. I can understand how that would be hard to get on accutane in the military. Try differin and see how that helps you. It might make it better and hold you over until you are out of the military. Afte
  3. Scylla

    Buying cortisone shots?

    I pleaded with my derm to let me do "at home" steroid injections. Sadly enough, its the doctors job only.
  4. Scylla

    Cysts/nodules constantly on chin

    I HIGHLY recommend you listen to what I have to say. I was in the EXACT position that you are in. My horrendous chin cystic acne began when I was about 15 and got worse and worse. Like you, my skin remained mostly clear but my chin was a minefield. I could wake up in the morning and a giant cyst would have formed. And I don't mean pea-sized "cysts", I'm talking about the diameter of a nickel and felt like a tennis ball (so I know what you are talking about). It caused me to be anti-social, depre
  5. Scylla


    thats weird, my doctor will see a minor zit on my face and say "do you want me to inject that?" I was so used to having such large cysts that an "average" sized zit was nothing to me. But she was always willing to inject me. She is a physicians assistant and I highly recommend everyone see the PA rather than the head derm if possible. SO much better.
  6. Scylla

    skipping doses

    I understand your situation. Although, I've never missed quite as long as you, I would sometimes miss up to 3 days without my accutane. This was mostly due to the fact that my acne went away and I simply didn't think about it anymore. Also, I would forget to take the pills until late at night just before bed and didn't have anything to eat, so I would just figure "I'll take it tomorrow." Because I missed so much I had a weeks worth of meds left over and I added an extra month onto the end of my
  7. Scylla

    Dr. Dan's Cortibalm

    I've completely killed my nails trying to get those damn things open
  8. Scylla

    cortisone treatment, details needed!

    I totally understand the type of cysts you are talking about. I visited the doctor often to get mine injected. Although I never paid attention to how much she used (the measurments of needles are foreign to me anyway), I can, however, tell you what I noticed. I know that it is a hydrocorticosteroid and water mixture, probably half and half. She would then poke me in the cyst, it seemed as though it was sometimes at more of a slant (through the side) than straight down. Once she hit the middle, s
  9. Scylla

    coming off accutane...HELP!

    While on tane, I've missed my pills over 48 hours and never felt shakey or anything. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think that when people go on accutane with all of the risky side effects in mind, they look for differences in their body and then automatically think its because of accutane. Perhaps it is the same for going off of accutane. I think you will be okay.
  10. I actually don't think that the dryness will make you more susceptible to infection. If you find some sort of lotion or moisturizer to put down there, it will create a moist environment for bacteria to grow. If it isn't hurting you or causing you too much discomfort, my advice is to leave it be. That is just my thought on it...there might be someone who has had a similar problem and moisturized. I know that a lot of girls with dryness use kama sutra lube during sex to help with the dryness...Oth
  11. I haven't experiences muscle aches but I do have joint pains brought on by accutane. Try to take an anti-inflammatory before you go out like tylenol or advil. Maybe stretch out your calves before you go?? That might lessen the pain after the evening wears on.
  12. Scylla

    When Did the Dryness Start?

    I can't remember when my dry lips started, but I prevented it from day one. Apply aquaphor every day a few times a day to prevent your lips from drying too much in the future. From my experience, that prevented them from getting too bad but my lips would still get chapped and look unnattractive. Once I got to that point, the aquaphor would go on my lips as white because of all the dead dry skin on my lips, so I used lip balm and it seemed to go on more clear. The best thing for me was cetaphil f
  13. Scylla

    battling cyst and oily skin at the same time

    You know, I had the exact same skin as you. Take notice of the fact that I used the past tense "had". My skin was oily beyond belief. I felt that I had to wash it 3 times a day just to feel semi-clean. Only a short time after I washed, the oil would come right back. The cysts were bad too. It seemed that I would get one and once it finally went away, another would pop up. I was also prone to zits and whiteheads. The blackheads made my face look peppered. Anyway, you can try all the facewashes, l
  14. Scylla

    accutane question

    It depends on the dosage. I'm guessing you are taking 40 mg. You can take them at the same time. If you get up into the 80mg range, it might be better to take them seperately. You can always ask your doctor though. By the way, if you have accutane questions, you might have better luck on the Accutane Post Board
  15. Scylla

    SEVERE lower back pain

    I had the exact same problem during accutane. I am now on my 5th month. I had extreme lower back pain, so bad that I had difficulty walking, sitting, laying down, driving..pretty much everything I did hurt. I felt like an 80 year old woman. I went to a doctor for it. They took x-rays and in my situation it turned out that I have mild hip dysplasia. When babies are born with hip dysplasia, they're hip sockets don't form, but mine is mild so my hip socket isn't quite deep enough and thus my hip bo