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  1. Wait it out a few weeks to see if there's any improvement and then go and see a dermatoligist is what I would do. You probably have gotten better but you just don't realise it... Also, you're supposed to use lots of BP. A lot. And 2.5%, not 5% from what I see you're using.
  2. I'd also like to thank everyone who posted any help in this topic, it's appreciated. And yeah, I can't edit any of my messages, and that error message is strange.
  3. Update: I just washed my face last night, no mask. Reason being I remembered that before whenever I used the mask it generally caused me to break out at first, probably from irritation. My face feels great, less red, and less irritated. I think taking a break from the regimen helped it to recover from the excessive amounts of BP. I recommend anyone who's face burns like hell to take one session off from the regimen. No new breakouts, I'd even go as far as to say it looks better. So it w
  4. I have ran out of BP and can't get anymore til tomorrow morning and I just started the regimen (it's working well so far). I have an acne mask containing 5% BP however, should I try it since I don't have any other options?
  5. The End

    My log.

    Comments would be nice. Ok, woke up today, my face looked a lot better than in awhile. Put on BP, looked like shit and is red, but it burns less. It seems to be working, I have to get my picture taken soon so I hope it looks even better tomorrow. The whitehead from before is gone, and another one is dying. More as this progresses. BTW, I'm doing Dan's regimen only.
  6. The End

    My log.

    First Three Days (did lots of weight lifting, no noticeable effect on acne, didn't even shower (my face would die if I showered), just washed off my face with a tiny amount of water): Using full amount of BP (I've used BP a lot before but never like this). Face burns and is very red at times, but this is bearable and probably will subside. The moisturizer doesn't fix this entirely although it does help. Had one zit die and fall off after existing for only two days so far, others are com
  7. What's the main difference between these two topicals?
  8. Just from looking at these forums, there are people spending $150 on supplements from these guides alone, which they will have to take again and again. Insanity. BP costs what, $5? And it can reduce acne to next to nothing. Yet people would spend $150 on supplements and give up good foods. ...
  9. And? Even if you do this and get rid of it, what next? What happens when you want to eat a chocolate bar once in a while? You're screwed? These acne diets are BS, I'll stick to things like BP. Obviously diet is a major factor for you and taking so many healthy supplements helps your skin. But..It cost you a lot. $150+? What happens when you need more supplements? No offence, but that's insane. You're spending so much money, and giving up eating good food. If I were you, I'd say to hell
  10. Oh, by the way, don't say I haven't tried it. I have. For six months. Fully completely. No change. The guy won't refund my money because he 'doesn't believe me', of course.
  11. A friend of mine showed it to me, when he found it, take a look: http://www.geocities.com/the_exposer2003/index.txt Read all that. That's what the people falling for these scams get. Yeah, you do all that, you'll probably get rid of acne. At, of course, the expense of a social life. I challenge anyone to follow that regimen and stay sane taking all those supplements for even a little while. For me, Dan's regimen is doing just fine, and that's what I'll continue to use. I hate the