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  1. I've been using spectrojel to get rid of my acne for about a month now, maybe a month and a half? anyways, it's been doing an OK job, but I find i still have those damn pimples. Anyways, here are a few pics. I really want to get rid of these damn pimples.
  2. I just applied the 2.5 benoyl peroxide thing, and I put 1 strip the line of my finger and applied it to my face and white spots appeared, like dried white spots.
  3. Can somebody delete this, I saw another thread with the same title elsewhere on the forums. My bad.
  4. I just went out and bought it, what can you say about it? Good? Bad?
  5. I went out and bought Spectro acne care (canadian product) with 2.5 benzoyl. Hope this works.
  6. Don't know if it belongs here, but it's my first post so bear with me. Move it where it belongs if you have to. Hey guys, I just learned about this website earlier today after searching some acne info. Ok, this has just been happening recently. I’ve always had that one pimple here and there, but recently they’ve all come at once like an invading army. I don’t know what to do. I’ve washed my face with soap since….i can’t even remember once in the morning