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  1. whats this dan thing? im new btw.
  2. @harmlessboy1441 am i able to switch derms mid accutane ?
  3. I have bad acne (on second course of accutane) but yea when you first walk in the door its about physical appearance. If we're talking about professional job it comes down to your resume, interview, qualifications etc. But if two same people have the same set of skills but one doesnt have acne..who do you think they will pick?
  4. Info: -135 pounds 5'8 took accutane last year 60mg a day(twice 30mg) -135 pounds 5'8 acne came back but not as sever derm gave me 80mg a day (twice 40mg) -1 month into second course, no IB. Side effects: First course- severe dry lips, dry face, lower back pain. 1 month into 2nd course- dry lips, face is not as dry, mild lower back pain. My questions: - Is it okay to use Acne free (BP) 3 step system while on accutane? -Accutane isn't drying my face out at all anymore, mean anything?
  5. When i first staretd Acne Free 3 step solution my skin would dry out. Now its been 2 years of using this system and now my skin does not get dry anymore. I am on my second course of accutane and I get dry lips but I can use cetaphil cleanser without a moisturizer because my skin doesn't get dry. I have always had a dry/flaky skin problem after contacting water with my face just until 2 nights ago...
  6. oh yea i just saw your last post, im on my second course of accutane. Only side effect I had was dry lips and lower back muscle pain. But i toughen it out and could not be happier with life.
  7. So i have a small half a dime size keloid on my right cheek near the jawline and the derm has been treating me with cortisone shots once a month since january 2015, just 2 months ago I realized the size wasn't reducing so he upped the dosage (idk what the dosage is but I will find out) So when he first gave me the cortisone shot of the higher dose 2 months ago, he gave me an extra shot a few inches from the keloid, it was just a oversized white head with like a red bump, I am not sure what he