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  1. It's alright Joey.. same here. How are you? What's going on in your life?

    1. Sarah! Hey homeslice whats up? Sorry I havent called lately I've kinda been in a funk. Hope things are going well.

      1. joey

        what's up?

        & sorry for the late response, i rarely come on here anymore :|

        1. :o!!!!! Hey! =]. I haven't talked to you in years, I was worried. How are you?
          1. hey joey. how are you? im holding up just fine. im now working 2 jobs. i'll actually be leaving the house in a few mins. i feel terrible failing my driving test this afternoon in daly city. :( talk to you later

            1. why the sad face? :-(

              1. Hey Sherrie, I wanted to leave a comment and see how you're doing

                1. Yup, the mods are getting natzis pretty much. The site is lame with a bunch of "proper" acting lames. No freedom of speech. Anyway I am out, my yahoo on my page if you or Jez want to hit me up. = )

                  1. =[ well if you do you should stay in touch with skype or aim or something.

                    But yea lol word gets around fast, and it's gotten lame lately. With chat gone I dont have much of a reason to stay

                    1. Lol, how did you know I got suspended? Word gets around fast. The ORG is fucken biased. This idiot basically said I am dumb because I am from another county, but then I got suspended. I will make sure I get banned for life this time. = )