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  1. Just saw your post - please see my post about taking 2 lemons before bed. After a few days those will go down and disappear without even needing to be squeezed. Well, fingers crossed for you anyway.
  2. Hello all, I wanted to share with you something that has finally decided to get me back on the forum after many years. It's quite simple - lemons! I like to experiment with lots of things in life, and as an attempt at a part body detoxifyer, I decided to start squeezing two small supermarket lemons, and drinking this juice at the end of the day, before I go to bed. As you're probably aware, lemons are notorious for being strong, acidic, and a cleanser etc etc. A google search will g
  3. Completely cut out greasy foods for a while. Pharmacuticals can't sell you a healthy diet, so they'll try and prescribe you anything else which they claim will be a solution instead. Sad, really.
  4. I guess the sunlamp is more effective because, regardless of what the weather is like outside, you can be sure 100% of the UV will get to you from the sun lamp. With regards to acne-scarring, since I'm not advocating use of the sun lamp to actually give you a tan, it should hopefully not worsen or prolong scarring. More what I was aiming at, was to give yourself just the minimum amount of sun lamp time that would prevent future spots coming up altogether. -Which will help your scars heal becau
  5. oh right -- I didn't realise the link was removed. Yep, its easy to find. Head to E bay or Amazon and search for: philips hb175 -it's right there, still in production and at a pretty good price. Around £38+ Get one of those, use it just a minute or 2 mins a day, and with any luck all your problems will disappear. It made a very obvious, fast and noticable difference to my skin more than anything else has ever done. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  6. Hiya Titch, Nope, no sunblock necessary. You're getting the recommended sun exposure, hence sunblock isn't necessary. So if you're thinking of getting one of these, it's an initial £38 payment then no more buying stuff! Nice and simple. (I don't sell them by the way) For anyone worried about the similarities of this compared to really tanning, just remember, people aiming to get a tan don't spend 75secs a day with one of these. The 75 secs is what I now call the acne-dose.
  7. Hi everyone, It must be over a year since I posted on this website. Some people might remember me, I'm moojamba from the 28page-length regime idea about no chemicals, warm water face soaking and daily Apple Cider Vinegar. It was a regime that was really working wonders for me, here's the old link for reference: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Moojamba-...as-t156316.html But now I'm BACK to give you a BIG very different, interesting update! An update that some of you might consider *deadly*
  8. Hey man, where r u ?? was wondering if you could post an update sometime on how your ACV/DIP regimen is goin, in case you're still on it.

  9. Oh well, that's a real shame it didn't work out for you guys. But I guess at least I tried. I recommend everyone hasn't try it, at least do, incase it is a miracle cure for you like it is for me. At least then you'll know for sure! -Still taking mine faithfully!
  10. To be on the safe side I would take it after food, or at least after a drink of some sort. Maybe you could swap taking it morning for at lunch? Or you could take it when you get home (evening) and take your second dose at night as normal. Don't think it will make much difference to effectiveness. If anything, taking it nearer meal times will be better. Good luck!
  11. -look forward to hearing about your progress, especially as you're using my exact brand! Perhaps thats the magic one!
  12. Hi Erika -- I know it's a really long thread but I would go back to page one and read it, up to about page four because it'll answer all your questions. For you specifically, I would suggest that if you find you have broken out from the DIP method, then it's not for you. Also yes, you should get hold of the organic ACV because the normal store bought one probably contains some chemicals which won't be so healthy for you - although by all means, try it. As for me, yes I really did find that th
  13. You've been applying ACV five times a day?! STOP!! Wow, that'll cause you no end of irritation. If you notice, I only suggested doing this once a month. You're way overdoing the ACV topically, it's very harsh stuff. If you've found in the past that steaming causes you to breakout, then unfortunately I wouldn't recommend this regime to you. I for example didn't breakout from the steaming, but I didn't find it helped greatly either. It just was good for the non-acne prone skin. But, you can try
  14. Hey CurryGirl, I wish you the best of luck! Just be sure to buy organic, and drink it with flavoured water or juice It's still working like a miracle for me. Hope others with the same skin type or body makeup find this regime too!