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  1. Lexia

    Sea water helped me!!

    I went on a two week holiday, WITH MY PARENTS (at age 21) ... only to give the beach water a go since i prefer to take the natural approach. I visited the beach pretty much eveyday and here's the results it gave me.... I'd splash water on my face several times while in there, and thankfully there werent huge waves which allowed me to float on my stomach and just dunk my face in the water as long as i could, rubbing it. I exposed my face to the sun for once - i usually hide under make-up which
  2. From the album: I know what i want NEXT christmas..

    Hey ALL! I honestly and totally forgot about this site! :-S hmm, guess that's a good thing right? *knock on wood* everything is still great, skin wise. Wish i could say the pink marks have completely gone but they're still there - fading...sllowwlllyyy! However, the main thing is no more bloody acne, they have seized and i'm SUPER happy about it! This is a fairly recent pic of me, i'm wearing a bit of loose powder and a little goes a long way! i mean, it manages to cover up the remaining
  3. Lexia

    DAY 28

    From the album: I know what i want NEXT christmas..

    Even though its been 1day since last photos... i posted this one cause i was suprised how little the redness was showing JUST after i got out of the shower today. Usually my face is pretty pink and acne itself is red!! Soo.. in other words, this was just something to keep me occupied even if for 5 minutes.. dont know how i'm gonna wait out a few days before posting pics, what do i do inbetween i get soo bored hehehe
  4. From the album: I know what i want NEXT christmas..

    My skins pretty much the same as the previous pic, thought i'd throw one in where i'm wearing bit of make-up. My red marks are to the point now where i feel comfortable having my skin bare. Which i havent done since i was 16 and im 21 now... so i guess i got somethin to cheer about... And thanx for all your comments people Means A LOT!
  5. Lexia

    1 year and 1 month later

    Thanks buddy Its going well.. Fade away left over red marks/pigmentation u mean?? ummm.. not really apart from keeping it reasonably moisturised avoiding oily products and products with fragrance etc.. ALSO, for 2 months now ive been using an Even Skin Tone Serum by ULTRAcuticals, cost me $75 for like 50ml or something... i reckon that has helped a bit.. its only applied at night, some mornings when i wake up my marks look like theyre not even there, its so light!! other mornings theyre visi
  6. Lexia

    1 year and 1 month later

    Hey thanks hun!! yeah if ya look at my 2nd last pics u can see some shallow scarring. Pic doesnt show it well but they are there!! and the so called "redmarks" THEY are my pitted scars! even when the redness goes in time im sure the indentation will still be there. You've got scarring now cause the inflammation has gone down, u dont have that inflammed pimple filling it in... thats what happened to me once acne started clearing. i sure HOPE they "fill in" but i highly doubt it. i'll be looking
  7. Lexia

    Month 9

    40mg a day... marks are fading less n less and i will get something done with my indented scarring, but for now, im just sooo glad the acne is gone and pimples have seized appearing Post a new pic up soon..
  8. Lexia

    Month 9

    From the album: I know what i want NEXT christmas..

    Ok its been two months since i last posted a picture.. Took these today. tried different lighting and angle so u can see my scars, aint too deep but i think the pic doesnt bring em out enough.... meh! i tried. I'm happy with the way its going, still haven't broken out. This is my skin at its best i guess you could say.. Some days it looks like this, others my pink marks are more apparent (esp during the time of month) you know how it is girls, lol! For those that are wondering.. I haven't
  9. Lexia

    Month 9

    Thanks guys!!
  10. From the album: I know what i want NEXT christmas..

    I'm back from my 2 week holiday and yay, i see improvement! Finally! The beach water and a bit of sun really did help my skin, its been looking more radiant than ever, i cant remember when my skin glowed this much. Of course i still have more pink marks i have to get rid of, but 2 visits to the beach a week should do. Also girls.. i havent worn make-up since beginning december and i think that too had an impact to the clearing up. I used to hide under make-up when i see my boyfriend ive been
  11. Lexia

    Sea water helped me!!

    Greenberg : i seriously wouldnt know?? sorry. In my opinion, the salt minerals found in the water to me seem much more beneficial for the skin - natural! Hope it works for ya but
  12. Lexia

    Month 7

    From the album: I know what i want NEXT christmas..

    WOW seven months already!! i remember when i was whinging to get my prescription haha. Haven't been taking Roaccutane properly for a while now, not good but i had so many important events that were approaching, i didnt want to look like a dried up fig, and because things were still great while i wasnt taking it i thought hmm might aswell stay off it!! then a friend convinced me to keep taking it..so i did... for 2 weeks, eventually getting off them again! so basicaly havent taken them for ov
  13. Lexia

    Day 94

    Josh! hey again... Had to come in and see how ur doing and i have to say, WOOHOO.. i looked at every pic and from the first to the last, wowww! Hope ya fix that car up soon .. how good is the water hehe
  14. Lexia

    Fucking Scars.

    OH MY GOD!! i remember you first few pics u posted, all angry .. well look at ya nowww fantastic improvement. Hold out a lil longer, the redness will go Mine are gettin there.. learnt to be patient, as long as its going the way u want it to xx goodluck
  15. Lexia

    Sea water helped me!!

    Sorry peeps. Havent been coming on the net that much lately. Glad it has worked for some of youz My skin is just getting better and better, nothing to complain about apart from wishing the pink marks would fade quicker! lol. I'll have new pics posted up here and in my gallery some time this week xo
  16. Lexia

    Month 7

    If you compare my cheek to my neck (esp in the left pic) u can see the skin tone is totally different.. maybe cause i exfoliated just before i took the pic its still over scrubbed n pink. NO make-up in this picture btw!!
  17. Lexia


    Hmm, i quite like the sun! i tan as much as i can, and my red marks were terribly red. For those of u who dont know and havent seen my Gallery, i went on a two week holiday and was at the beach everyday, the salt water helped, but it was the combination of sun exposure as well (i believe)! My face and body were fairly burnt over the first week there and i was extremely paranoid that my marks would stay or turn brown... but they didnt. Ive continued to expose myself and red marks to the sun sever
  18. Lexia

    2 Before and After.jpg

    fantasticcccccc!! happy 4 ya doesnt if feel great to finally get rid of the lumpiness!?? Now u and i have to battle out these red marks.. which ive been recording progress of with my skin... all in time but theyll go! mwa
  19. Lexia

    Sea water helped me!!

    Ahh what the heck!! i took snaps off my phone just now hehe... turned on all the lights in the bathroom to get clear view of both cheeks. If u look close enuff u can see the scarring (swelling has went down under the red marks which makes the scar apparent) ahh well.. better than red spots ey! Let me know what yas think please ta
  20. Lexia

    4 months and 21 days

    what WHAT??? lol updates soon..
  21. Lexia

    Sea water helped me!!

    Hey all. wow havent been here for a good month!! How is everyone? Ive been going through some rough patches with the other half, been a bit stressed out and had no time to pop on here. (thankgod the stress didnt make me break out)! Ok well.. last time i posted i said i was taking roaccutane on and off... well i started taking it properly (40mg a day) for a week or so, then i stopped and havent taken a pill over 2 weeks now. My prescription repeat allows me 1 more box so overall i have 1 and a h
  22. I KNOW it was a stupid thing to do! But seriously it never occurred to me that i shouldnt be doing it. I guess i thought ive been off it for a month and it was OK (plus i really thought my skin was okay cause it wasnt dry) But boy was i wrong. When the beautician stripped the wax off my eyebrows it was SO painful and turned RED so quick! When she applied cream on it, it stung like CRAZY! When i sat up i saw a SIGN right infront of me saying - "Please notify staff if u are on any skin medication