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Picture Comments posted by Lexia

  1. I was just checking out your whole album/journey and now I see this picture I am soooo impressed! you really look great and your face is looking so smooth. This is my last month of my first session of accutane, and I look pretty clear sometimes I get one red spot but they go away after one week. Btw do you have tips for me how I can fade away red spots... like you said... it's fading sooooooooo slowly...

    Congrats again with your good looking facial skin!

    Thanks buddy :D Its going well..

    Fade away left over red marks/pigmentation u mean?? ummm.. not really apart from keeping it reasonably moisturised avoiding oily products and products with fragrance etc.. ALSO, for 2 months now ive been using an Even Skin Tone Serum by ULTRAcuticals, cost me $75 for like 50ml or something... i reckon that has helped a bit.. its only applied at night, some mornings when i wake up my marks look like theyre not even there, its so light!! other mornings theyre visible! but yeah.. something to give a go... *shrug*. With the serum, it has thing light stingy/tingly sensation on my skin when applied (which goes away) and i feel as thought it's good or my face and keeping bacteria off it. I was told it acts as a very light peel too.. so it has the capabilities of reducing the look of scarring.. but i havent noticed TOO much of that.

  2. you look AMAZING.

    did you end up with any shallow scarring besides the redmarks? if so, have you noticed if they have improved at all since time has passed?

    i ask b/c i never scarred before, but since I've gotten clear (from Accutane, I'm on month 5), i can see i have some shallow scarring. my derm insists that they will "fill in" but i'm skeptical...

    anyway, you seriously look great. :D

    Hey :dance: thanks hun!! yeah if ya look at my 2nd last pics u can see some shallow scarring. Pic doesnt show it well but they are there!! and the so called "redmarks" THEY are my pitted scars! even when the redness goes in time im sure the indentation will still be there. You've got scarring now cause the inflammation has gone down, u dont have that inflammed pimple filling it in... thats what happened to me once acne started clearing. i sure HOPE they "fill in" but i highly doubt it. i'll be looking into some kinda procedure for mine. Good luck with it =)

    That's awesome. Great job and best of luck to ya. I got a quick question though - while you were on tane, did you experience any redness and facial blushing?

    Nah i didnt experience neither one of the two! If anything i'd be more red in the face comin out of the hot shower, where as i never used to. I hear it's normal to experience redness. dont stress!

  3. OH MY GOD!!

    i remember you first few pics u posted, all angry .. well look at ya nowww :dance: fantastic improvement. Hold out a lil longer, the redness will go :dance: Mine are gettin there.. learnt to be patient, as long as its going the way u want it to :D xx goodluck

  4. If you compare my cheek to my neck (esp in the left pic) u can see the skin tone is totally different.. maybe cause i exfoliated just before i took the pic its still over scrubbed n pink. NO make-up in this picture btw!!

  5. Hey munchkin :(

    Firstly.. you are gorgeous... and secondly, the make-up i use is Revlon colour stay pressed powder (its in a black compact), i use a hard bristtled brush to apply it to my face, ive experimented with so many brushes and med/hard ive been most happy with, i dont apply it how its 'supposed to be applied' hehe, instead i like roughly dab it onto my face. Then i lightly brush some bronzer on, its called Thin Lizzy's 6 in 1 and i bought that off an info-mercial, really happy with it need to order more. Sometimes before these two steps i put on a little bit of foundation.. this covers my marks wayyy better, people comment how clear it looks every time i do it... but i dont like using too much makeup, so i lightly use the two powders.

    I know what u mean about trying to get the makeup to match ur skin colour. For many yrs in photos my face always looked so white compared to my neck and chest... and when ur applying makeup on ur face u dont notice untill u see a photo or look in the mirror heaps closely. So if this is the case with u.. do what i did, and go up a colour or two from what u are currently using, i used to get pale ivory or something.. but now medium beige. And it looks dark in the compact but once u apply it to ur face its fantastic, and if it appear the lightest dark from ur neck then brush a lil bronzer on ur neck to even it out. Its so kwik for me now, takes me 5 mins to apply everything on- inc eye makeup, blush... where as before took me 30 mins if not more (maybe its because i had much more noticable marks i dunno).

    Sorry bout the short story hehehe... just in a yapping mood


    goodluck with it all hun, i still got a long way to go!

  6. Hahaha, thanks everyone! *mwa*

    MischaLatte - I dont really use foundation, none of them feel right to me. In the pic im wearing Revlon compact powder, and i ordered "Thin Lizzy's 6 in 1" powder which i lightly brush over that.... dunno if uve heard of it, gives the skin a bit of a glow, its nice.

  7. Firstly, your a HUNK!! got that german look going hehe..

    Secondly, congrats. You've cleared up really really good. Confident is soaring huh?! :(

    Im also taking your approach - not applying crap to my face, i prefer it to go naturally. The beach water helped me clear some of it up thankfully!

    Just wanted to ask u, how long were u on roaccutane? how many months in total? I just finished my last box (total of 4 months) i dont think my derm is giving me anymore... fair enuff if i wasnt breaking out anymore, but i got two new zits over the holidays meaning if i stop the treatment now i did it all for nothin! Dilemmas hehehe

  8. Hey Ilonka :(

    hahaha yeh you tend to look somewhat like a dumbass doing it but hey.. i wont see them ever again. It was 3 hrs from home and i knew nobody (id do the same even if i was with my bf or friends tho). Umm im from Australia, just went further to the north coast, nice place.

    Ye it sux hey! sad but tru - i kinda held a tiny grudge at my bf for a dumb reason, just bcoz when i was around him i had to wear makeup.. but that was my decision. I think the best way to get off it is when u see slight improvement in ur skin, u get that lil happy feelin... sloly start to use less n less makeup untill ur wearing somethin loose or even nothing at all.

    I used powder and powder only as makeup, blush and thats it, hated the thought of oily foundation or concealer on my skin even if it was oil-free.

    And thankyouuuuu im glad my eyes arent doing a funny and there actually is improvment ehhehe MWA

  9. Also. ive only been prescribed 4 boxes of roaccutane, and that will last me till end of this month. At our 1st appointment the derm said she wanted me to be on it for 6 months, but she doesnt want to see me anymore, so i dont know how ill be getting the other 2 boxes =( She better not screw me over, hard enuff living with these ugly red marks let alone pimples coming back! *bites nails*!

  10. My skins getting better!! especially my left side, i wish i could take a foto but i broke my camera last sat on my 21st bday hahaha... and my phone was stolen from work a month ago sooo..duno wat im gana dooo

    well if i can compare to sumthing i do, which i have seen improvements in... working out at the gym.. it often feels your making no progress, but thats because you look at your body everyday!!

    if you compare a picture from a year back or however long, you see major improvements! same goes for the skin.. i am on roaccutane too, im on my second month and i am feeling the same way.. seeing no visible improvement. but then i think about other things in life (like the training at the gym) and how i've seen improvements.

    its just a temporary frame of mind that one goes through to achieve sumthing.. and remember all the things worth achieving take time and can be very frustrating.

    btw hun, you are a very good looking girl!! as a 19 year old guy, i find you very sexually attractive (just being honest with ya) and there is no way in hell those little red things would put me off : )

    xxxxxx oli

    Thats exactly right, ive come to realise that too. I know its getting better (SLOWLY) once i compare to my old pictures but i dont think i could tolerate them for another 6 months :( what can ya do!

    Aww thankyou for your sweet words oli hehe :ohno:

  11. OK, i must be honest now that i look @ the picture...

    My left side appears to be clearer, but its only because the window is on the left side of me, so imagine the spots are lil more redder hehehe.. can u do daaaattt?? gooood... :( lol

    Hey, look closely at my hair, its pretty straw like. I havnt given it a wash in over a week, EEW but no joke!

    Over-washing + blowdrying/straightening = i dont wanna know so im not doing it as often :ohno: hehehe