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  1. hey

    i just looked at all your gallery pics and your skin looks amazing- it improved so much- hope it keeps clear!!!

  2. Greenberg : i seriously wouldnt know?? sorry. In my opinion, the salt minerals found in the water to me seem much more beneficial for the skin - natural! Hope it works for ya but
  3. Sorry peeps. Havent been coming on the net that much lately. Glad it has worked for some of youz My skin is just getting better and better, nothing to complain about apart from wishing the pink marks would fade quicker! lol. I'll have new pics posted up here and in my gallery some time this week xo
  4. yea im gonna have to agree with miamiii, yer pretty cute.

  5. Hmm, i quite like the sun! i tan as much as i can, and my red marks were terribly red. For those of u who dont know and havent seen my Gallery, i went on a two week holiday and was at the beach everyday, the salt water helped, but it was the combination of sun exposure as well (i believe)! My face and body were fairly burnt over the first week there and i was extremely paranoid that my marks would stay or turn brown... but they didnt. Ive continued to expose myself and red marks to the sun sever
  6. Ahh what the heck!! i took snaps off my phone just now hehe... turned on all the lights in the bathroom to get clear view of both cheeks. If u look close enuff u can see the scarring (swelling has went down under the red marks which makes the scar apparent) ahh well.. better than red spots ey! Let me know what yas think please ta
  7. Hey all. wow havent been here for a good month!! How is everyone? Ive been going through some rough patches with the other half, been a bit stressed out and had no time to pop on here. (thankgod the stress didnt make me break out)! Ok well.. last time i posted i said i was taking roaccutane on and off... well i started taking it properly (40mg a day) for a week or so, then i stopped and havent taken a pill over 2 weeks now. My prescription repeat allows me 1 more box so overall i have 1 and a h
  8. goo tooo thee beeaachh! hehehe dont be embarrassed i had/have redmarks and slight scarring on my face, and i was at the beach for 2 weeks, it did wonders for me, i reckon if i never went my marks would be still really darkk! trust me, noone will stare how u think they will... dont think anyone would period! your back isnt that bad ive seen soo much worse this is like minor and im not just saying that. To me it looks more like u have freckles/light moles jus go to the friggen beach aiight! haha
  9. Desitin is over the counter, and yes I used it while on tane. It's perfectly safe. Desitin will be in the babie's section.
  10. hehe thanks! they look much better than they were before! But id give anything to go back and NOT do it ..grr So you waxed your eyebrows while on tane too ha?? How long did it take to scab up and how long did the scab go away and skin was back to normal?? Cause in the picture, where ever u see Red, its stiff and sore. Might be too late for ice since i did it 2 days ago :confused: IM SUCH A FOOL
  11. Can i buy Desitin over the counter?? Is it safe to use while on tane?? Ive only got Aloe Vera GEL.. gel just makes it more stiff :S Luckily my face aint tanned cause i have a scab fading on my arm and its left a white long mark under it, grrrrrrr x fingers! THANX
  12. Ahh thats a shame j0n! Guess it varies on skin types. Anywayyyyy apart from battling these left over red marks i haeve.... ive now made myself another problem!!!! Stupid me went to get my eyebrows waxed and re-shaped. It didnt even occur to me i shouldnt be doing it cause i was just recently on Roaccutane. (apparently u have to wait 6 months to wax) ive been off it not even a month! ANYWAY, it stripped off my skin and im left with this stiff new skin that wrinkles up everytime i scrunch my fa
  13. I KNOW it was a stupid thing to do! But seriously it never occurred to me that i shouldnt be doing it. I guess i thought ive been off it for a month and it was OK (plus i really thought my skin was okay cause it wasnt dry) But boy was i wrong. When the beautician stripped the wax off my eyebrows it was SO painful and turned RED so quick! When she applied cream on it, it stung like CRAZY! When i sat up i saw a SIGN right infront of me saying - "Please notify staff if u are on any skin medication