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  1. After my accutane, about a month or so later I found that I was breaking out on my forehead. I'm not sure if it was because of the cleanser or not because I was using cetaphil but not the facial cleanser, just the cleanser. In any case, I started using Dan's reg. and now I'm good, few pimples here and there, my face is slighty always red, but I mean.. life goes on. We'll see what happens when I'm 25 and maybe my acne will be done by then, until then, que sera sera.
  2. Is there ANYTHING about Dan's AHA that could cause a breakout? If so, what? Someone said that it causes an initial purging, pushing the "gunk" to the top and causing your skin to break out? That doesn't make much sense..
  3. Bonjour! I know this question has been asked but I've spent the last half an hour trying to find a thread that talks about it, and lo and behold, I couldn't. Anyways, I wash my face in the morning and then after the gym about 3-4 hours later, and then again at night, is this okay? Too drying? I read that thread, about 3 threads below mine about the *new* neutrogena moisturizer, so I shot to the store last night and bought it. hahaha :] Excessive use of moisturizers DO cause breakouts I'm guessi
  4. i would say if its a constant headache, i'd ask your doctor, if its right after u take it, and it goes away, then i think thats okay, i get a little dizzy, im taking 40mg a day
  5. sigh. how depressing.. :[ i have these spots and they get all red at night and oily and i try to exfoliate day and night and sometimes in the middle of the day if i feel all gross and self conscious, i just use an exfoliating whipe and gently whipe away then i stare at the sheet lmao.. but ACNE BOOO.. if acne were a person, i'd kick their ass! woot. lol :\ but with what the dude, said, what a pointless thing to say? who says that?? people go on this forum obviously to find a cure or some sort o
  6. Hey, I recently got a huge cankersore on my tongue and it hurt so I looked online and L-Lysine worked for a lot of people so I bought it lol. Apparently its supposed to help with acne too? or does it cause it? I heard both because it has some aminoacids that help with health and integrity of skin? but i read somewhere that it increases hormone production? I dont know. Some feedback would be appreciated. thanks!
  7. hey man i really dont know what to tell you, sun block, stay out of the sun, it'll heal on its own, but hell what do i know? have you went to go see a dermatologist? cuz that's your best bet. they can recommend surgery or what not or even medication so u dont have to go through it. good luck man. acne sucks ass :[
  8. Recently I began breaking out with little red dots all over the side of my face and forehead due to a lot of stress and little sleep + sweating without being able to wash your face right away. Now i'm using proactiv gentle solution and its slowly getting rid of the bumps, i would use their normal solution but it's too harsh for my skin, i find that i begin to flake rapidly.. maybe i'll try it again because part of me thinks i was putting TOO much bp lotion on, i don't know. anyways. so now my s
  9. how long did it take you to get clear again?
  10. hi all, i recently popped my cyst. it was stupid but it was really bugging me and it had a huge white head already. first i sterilized a needle and i whiped off the tip of it with my fingers since when you heat up a needle it turns black. then i pricked the tip of the white head, took a steralized pad and squeezed each side of the cyst, puss and blood came out and then the hole covered back up with whiteness.. i wonder why that is =\ can anyone answer that for me? did i do something wrong? i