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  1. i want to go fade my red marks and thinking about tanning.. but just curious....i just want to do only a couple time not many thanks
  2. yes i have used the cetaphil lotion brand i only wash my face twice a day...one at 11:00am and one at 12 midnight (when i get off work) i can't even believe this is happening after i wash my face in the morning.....my face is like a dry towel that hasn't been wet in a million year....this is ridiculous.....i would love to use moisturizer but it's really really bad on my face....even my mom said my face was red and looks irritated after i put it on for 5 seconds to ask for her opiniion...
  3. am i the only one that has this problem????? i could NEVER EVER EVER use moisturizer.....my god that sucks......arghhhhhhh i tried so many moisturizer but nothing works....this is unreal when my brother use my lotion....my god...his face looks so damn nice...when i use it...oh my....oily as hell anymore suggestions please
  4. as i have said in my previous thread.....i'm one of those people who cannot tolerate any sort of lotion or moisturizer...i will freaking break out bad or as of right now...whenever i put on moisturizer....my face is like an OIL plate(very very uncomfortable as u can imagine). i tried moisturising yesterday and it was so oily i had to wash my face ASAP. so here is the problem...i am on accutane and this is my 27 days....my face is so freaking dry but i can't use any lotion or moisturizer....is
  5. ok guys ..here it is i have been on accutane for 20 days already and my skin is getting dry however...my face does not tolerate very well with moisturizer...even at a young age..whenver i put on moisturizer, lotion or anything that is oily and creamy..i tend to break out. with that being said....do u think i will break out using moisturizer when on accutane. cause doesn't accutane do the work by itself by keeping my face dry. usually moisturizer makes my face REALLY REALLY OILY then i break ou
  6. do i have to go up on the dosages if i have VERY MILD ACNE???????? wouldn't 40mg be good for 6 months for VERY MILD ACNE?????????? isn't 60-90mg for severe cases or at least moderate???
  7. I weight 65kg... and want to take 40mg of accutane....how many months do i need to be on it to have a good dosage??? also DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUCCESS RATE WITH GOING ON 40MG FOR 6 MONTHS????? or is that too low of a dose???? please suggest (im new to this thing) thanks so much
  8. im on tane right now... i want to know what kinds of food should i avoid????? please list some everday general food so i can have an idea...cause i dont seem to know which one has vitamin A in it... i am also drinking a couple beer every week...is this bad? if so..in what way??? thanks