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  1. i purged absolutely. BUT, before I started the regimen I was breaking out the worst I can remember over the past 10 years. I had always been against putting stuff on my face during the day because I thought it highlighted my acne, but once I got to the point where I realized it was going to look like sh*t either way, i went for it. I purged for like 6 weeks, and then slowly but steadily cleared up from then on. I've been on for around 5 months now and occasionally I'll have some redness that
  2. not to be negative, but just to add my experience. the cetaphil cream did turn me red. took me a while to figure it out since i kept applying it to fight the increasing redness. once i stopped it went down a lot. diff products work for diff ppl is the moral of the story
  3. hey, i didnt go from the regimen to accutane, but i was about to... i had been on the regimine for like 6 weeks maybe and decided i was just gonna go for it. my skin had gotten to the point of no return. having a decent relationship with my dermatologist, they trusted me that i was not rushing into accutane being that ive had moderate persistant acne for way too long. i got prescription filled for $24 for a months worth of generic. i had a vacation planned 2 weeks later so i decided to hold
  4. cetaphil cream made me red. the more i used the redder i got until i finally stopped it. ive been using complex 15 for about 3-4 days and its been improving. but being that youre at 4 weeks the BP could still be keeping you very red, i'll let one of the pros answer your question, but was just giving you the heads up on my reaction to cetaphil moisturizing cream
  5. I find the bars to be more drying... right now i'm debating to switch from cetaphil senstive skin cleanser to purpose cleanser, just to see how it feels for a few days... but yeh being that youre at week 3-4, its extremely possible youre just going through the purging period, so it may be happening one way or another. I had read a comment once before that there is a lot of trial and error with products while going through the regimen and i personally cant agree more. besides dan's BP, ppl all
  6. just make sure youre ready to be doing it for a few months... optomism and patience will keep u going through the first couple of months before u begin to see some results, bottom line is though.. it DOES work
  7. cetaphil moisturizer seems to have a bad reaction with certain ppl... including myself... i just ordered complex 15 by recommendation from someone who had the same redness reaction. i would let u know how it works for me, but by the time it gets here im assuming you'd have made a new decision by then
  8. i never got redness from the start and didnt use moisturizer either. do i recommend this? no, because the majority of the ppl on here dont seem to have the same results as me. i was on the regimen 8-10 weeks when i got some minor redness and flakes, (probably from the cold weather).. so i decided to try and add moisturizer to my regimen. my face got sooooooo red (i was using cetaphil moisturizing cream), and i continously used more and more moisturizer because i thought it was just from the c
  9. i just squeeze out 3-4 small pumps, rub my hands real well and get a semi lather... enough to get it done... from my understanding cleaners liek purpose that have great lathers use a certain ingredient in it that isnt flawless for your skin, so i guess its one or the other
  10. I hear you on avoiding the family. Sometimes I wake up and its a bad day, and it annoys me to no end when they simply just talk to me. I just feel like keeping to myself, but what are you gonna do... thats life. By the way... DKR has been working well so far, the stages are pretty accurate and it has been steadily improving at this point... so good luck to you newbies and don't dwell on what may be an aggravating beginning... its a process
  11. thanks little star, i will give it a try.
  12. when i use just cetaphil soap with bp and no moisturizer, my face is fine... no redness or flakes. when i use cetaphil moisturizing cream, my face becomes red and irritated. yeh figure that one out
  13. I have used B5 a few different times over the past 5 years. I have had excellent results each time, yet the 3rd and most recent time I had to take more like 10g/day for it to be effective. My stomach didn't agree with such a high amount and I had to come off it... which lead to break outs... which lead me here...to DKR...to so far so good... but yeh, I would highly recommend for ppl to try B5 atleast for like 6 weeks. I always remember a 1-3 week period of minor breakout and then very clear
  14. Thanks for the reply, I really psyched myself out on this one I couldn't figure out if I should stop the moisturizer or moisturize more. Just hearing a second opinion makes me feel better with my decision.
  15. Bump... has anyone had similar results?... I've read a few posts about people saying Cetaphil causes redness? I am very confused, i would assume the opposite, but am experiencing some serious redness from it.