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  1. When someone has rejected you, do any of you feel like s/he has the moral upper hand and that you should be ashamed of yourself for having attempted to persue a person so out of your league? I mean, it's normal to feel like a loser if you've been turned down, but is it normal to feel despicable? I know in an intellectual way that it isn't, but it doesn't stop that 'I'm no better than a rapist' feeling when a girl says no to me.
  2. I don't want to be in a relationship for awhile. I feel like my acne is really holding me back. I wanted to go back to school in 2001 and 5 years later, I still never went back. I'm not sure anyone would really want to be with me due to my acne and depression. Yes, I work, but most people my age (27) are attending college or are already done, have there own condos, houses, credit cards and cars and have real professions. Even 15 year olds have better jobs then me.
  3. Come to SAS, a.k.a., SocialAnxietySupport.com You'll feel A LOT better. Trust me, fellow SAer.
  4. They can transplant pubic hair onto your head. Oh wait, you're not - Blackalicious is a great band.
  5. Good for you, jj3501. I'm always reminded by society of how invalid I am. This makes it extremely hard for me to create any type of social life outside of the home (and away from the computer). I'm eternally unaccepted.
  6. Looks are important because they open the door for personality to shine through.