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  1. Depressed, but to everyone around me Im fine. I'm starting to scream Profanity while I'm driving to blow off stem and I've started to get a weird angry anxiety when I look or think about my face. I'm 17 and have mild-severe acne and scarring
  2. All my friends have imperfectionate faces I have mild to severe acne and in high school I don't see as much kids with acne than I would expect, I hate when people tell me that too. its just not as common as we would want it to be (acne suffers), we just notice all the imperfectionate faces and notice them more then they notice there own perfectionate catagory they notice acne faces not clear faces so to them it seems common. But to people like us we don't see enough of it that it makes us feel n
  3. I wash twice a day but my face is oily as well so I use oil absorbing packs so it helps so much, I wouldn't recommend 3 times it could possibly make you brake out. Google "oil absorbing sheets" and get yourself some at a local CVS Walgreens ect.
  4. My acne used to look like this except more pustuls, and on my cheeks not jawline. I remember when I was at that stage my acne was sorta going away but the previous pimples we're red like yours. Its terrible I would avoid mirrors, I rember genuinly getting mad when I saw how bad my face looked and I would hate hanging out with friends cause I knew I couldn't talk without them turning there attention to me which I was trying to avoid. That was a year ago and my face cleared up but I have a lot les