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  1. Oh. Thanks guys. I really want to get the aveeno soybean SA foam face wash! I've used it in the past years, and it's made my skin look great! I just don't think it'll heal my acne now that it's a little bit more severe. Anyway... thanks for the help. Dove has made my skin soft, but I prolly won't use it for my face.
  2. I just got 2 bars of Dove White Soap. Does it clear acne? I wanted to see what people thought about me using on my skin before actually trying it.
  3. The lotion is really really annoying! There are little beads, and you can feel it when you put it on your skin. And then it stays on your skin. It's annoying. I stopped using that like 3 months ago. My skin looks really good now!
  4. You're right! I do have a on the spot treatment... But I'm not sure if It will give results... It says only to put it where you have acne, but what if acne keeps on forming even after I put it on? I can' t put it on my entire face.... maybe i'll research online to see if they have any interesting info.
  5. I used to use cetaphil, the one for normal to oily skin, and it just cleaned my face really good, didn't cause any irritation, but it didn't do anything to my acne! I am trying Neutrogena Oil Free Acne wash now, and if it doesn't work, I'll just go back to cetaphil, lol!
  6. Lol! You're right! The smell is so medicinal, but that doesn't matter. I've read that it is VERY VERY VERY drying and it's bad for sensitive skin.... I'm gonna stick with it for 2-3 weeks to see if it works. If it doesn't, I'm just gonna use something else!!!
  7. I used toothpaste once, and it gave me more acne, lol! It made my skin really sticky and itchy. Maybe just TRY it, and if it doesn't work, just stop immediately.
  8. I've been wanting to try this because I am just a teenager, and I don't have really serious acne. I just have blackheads on my nose, and little tiny pimples on my forehead. So I reckon someone on this site has probably tried Neutrogena oil free acne wash, and I just wanted to know if it works or not and if there's irritation. Thanks!
  9. Do you do this everyday? 2 soaks, morning and night, and just a hot water wash after school or work, ect, do you do this every single day?
  10. OOOOOH! I'm kinda getting excited (like every time I hear something that actually doesn't work sound like it's gonna work)! But I think, I think it just MIGHT work for me! My acne isn't too bad, but it's hard not to pick at them, so it'll probably feel good getting a soak. Thanks! I'll try this tonight! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
  11. Really? Darnit, my skin is SO sensitive.... even just using a normal face wash without any medication in it makes my face extremely dry and cracked. My acne is mostly on my forehead, and they are little tiny red pimples. And I have lots of blackheads on my nose, which makes my skin look worse! I don't know what I should do!!!
  12. Head and Shoulders worked for me, but it made my skin really, really dry, and my face burned. I don't think it's that good if you scrub in the H & S into your skin really hard, just wash your hair and get a little of the suds onto your forehead. Too much of something is never good.
  13. Help! Does it really work for your skin, does it overdry or irritate?