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  1. Start taking an efa supplement. It works to balance hormones in addition to other health benefits. I took antibiotics with no results in the past. I take fish oil three times a day now and it definitely works. I just wish the doctor would have told me about efas instead of putting me on antibiotics.
  2. Soy lowers testosterone levels if you didn't now that allready. I never had a problem with drinking milk. I drink 2 protein shakes a day and it doesn't give me acne. If you're so worried about it get lowfat organic milk. So that means you have clear skin and your just....erm..."browsing" an acne form?? Ohh no don't get me wrong I definitely had acne. But taking fish oil and a clean diet has worked for me. I still get a zit from time to time. But what I wanted to point out is th
  3. How is it incomplete? When you were a little kid, you didn't have acne. As soon as you hit puberty, and your hormones went crazy, thats when you get acne! It would seem that hormones are the relevant difference between people who have acne and people who do not. One flaw in the theory is that all weight trainers would have severe acne that occured proportionally to how much they trained. I think the hormonal issue encompasses females moreso then males, like premenstrual acne and acne relate
  4. Whate the hell... What are you guys talking about? Go put a tablet in plain water and it will still dissolve. Have you ever seen tablets in your stool? Seriously I'm sorry but that's a stupid idea saying anything in tablet form doesn't get dissolved. Where did you get zinc chelate? Zinc gluconate is the one that's sold everywhere. If you're worried about it, it's like 3 bucks for a bottle of zinc glucone in like any store. Zinc is zinc though.
  5. Soy lowers testosterone levels if you didn't now that allready. I never had a problem with drinking milk. I drink 2 protein shakes a day and it doesn't give me acne. If you're so worried about it get lowfat organic milk.
  6. I think acne is caused by a problem with being able to metabolize certain fats. Since I started taking fish oil my acne is pretty much gone. I don't know if it's solely because of it, or because I'm taking zinc too, or because I'm 19 and getting over it, but 'm pretty sure fish oil played a part in it. I wish I started taking it sooner. And whoever said fats have estrogen is wrong. If anything a diet high in fat promotes high testosterone levels.
  7. In terms of balancing hormones, does fish oil work on the same level as Borage and Primase oil? Because I've been taking fish oil twice a day for a while and it's been working really good for me. Brakeouts are rare and they go down quicker so I'm definitely liking fish oil. Even though people say fish oil doesn't help them. But would Borage oil be even better and do the same thing then? And can you take both fish oil and borage oil for example?
  8. Have you acctually seen someone at around 3-4% body fat? The definition is crazy. You can see all the strations on the obliques, strands of muscle the connecting points on the chest, veins everywhere, supporting muscles you never see popping out as well. A 190 pound guy at 4% will have a lot more defenition then a 270 guy at 10%. The 190 pund guy has only 7.6 pounds of fat and the 270 pound one 27. It's common sense. bf% determines definition not weight. I don't know where you're getting this
  9. Ohhhhh you should have said said that before. You're using straight juice, PH's, or some arachadonic acid stuff? Acctually I'd be curious then if your regime kept you clear while taking anabolics, because I though they just mess up anyone acne-prone like a mofo. I mean you haven't seen an increase in acne? I'm 19 so test levels are at a peak so I'm going to go as far as I can natural for now, plus I don't want to mess around with pct. No I was referring to someone else about the 7000 cal
  10. AN91 is one of the very FEW people on this site that knows his stuff. Anyone mentioning T-Nation or WBB knows his/her stuff. This post in particular supports my goal/routine/theory 100%. :D Case closed. :ninja: Then why don't you explain how 75% more calories are going to grow muscles It doesn't make any sense ... you can't both found your theories on scientific knowledge and study and then disregard it altogether and create your own unsupported theories. Either you disregard scienc
  11. Are you serious? That's one of the most uniformed things I ever head. Ohh then if a obese 300 pound guy at only 500 calories a day for a couple of weeks he would be really ripped after a month or two? lol Do you know how hard it is to get down to around 5% and even under 10 and keep a large amount of muscle on? Muscle is very easilly catabolized. And Dave Tate did all that naturally right? If you're juicing then it's kind of a different story you know. Hmm interesting, I think I w
  12. Well, yes losing muscle is inevitable while cutting properly, but I'm not sure of what you mean by "lose big amount of muscle" but you can prevent some of that by taking lots of amino acids and if your bulking is very clean you won't have that much fat to cut anyway. That's why a "dirty" bulk of like 5000-6000 calories will require a lot of cutting and obviously lean muscle loss as well. But you CAN gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. It just takes careful planning on your diet and e
  13. ^ Lifting 7 days a week is overtraining. Your acne was so bad yo couldn't box?
  14. Weightlifting 4-5 days a week. I like to swim too, but I'm trying to bulk right now and I have to eat a LOT to acctually gain weight. Trying to keep it clean, lots of chicken, turkey, eggs, cottage cheese. No pop or snacks, as little saturated fat as possible. Fish oil seems to be really beneficial for skin, I take two caps a day now and my face is pretty much clear. I should have started taking it a while ago. I take 100% whey after workouts and syntha 6 before bed.