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  1. i was on a 6 month course and continued to get acne throughout but one great thing about accutane is that it's cumulative and continues to work even after you end your course. i'm happy to say that i was not completely clear until after my treatment ended and i've now been completely clear for almost 9 months. so don't get too worried. trust your derm. you don't necessarily need a longer course. good luck.
  2. i was on accutane and popped pimples while on the medication but i was very careful when i did it. i would use a needle and a pimple popping tool to do so and i made sure to sterilize everything thoroughly before popping anything. be very careful but you can do it while on the medication. accutane does not help with redness or scarring. it just helps reduce pimples in general so you won't get new ones on top of old ones and thus reduces redness and scarring. good luck finishing out your trea
  3. i read through a lot of stuff on here and noticed that everyone was in agreement that you should wait for at least 6 months until after you're off accutane to get a tattoo. well i did something a little risky. i got a tattoo last saturday after being off of accutane for only a month and a half. while on accutane my skin was not oily but i only needed to apply lotion twice a day (once at night and once in the morning) to keep it from drying out. since being off of accutane my skin's completely no
  4. i know that my derm. told me to wash my hair less. since your oil glands produce significantly less oil than usual you don't need to wash it that much anyway. plus styling hair damages it too so if you wash it less you can style it less too!
  5. ok i'm almost done w/ my 50 mg treatment of accutane and i was thinking about a few things that only us accutane users could appreciate. so here goes. you know you're on accutane when... you can go days without washing your hair...but it tends to fall out a little bit. you're afraid of a bottle of tylenol pregnancy tests are a normal part of your monthly routine (mainly for the girls) blood tests become natural to you you're as pale as a ghost you purchase visine on a regular basis and it
  6. i would def. be careful w/ salycilic acid and a scrub. i know that my skin is very sensitive to regular face washes now and i would stay away from a scrub or salycilic acid. some ppl on here have suggested that when you take a shower you can wash your face w/ some conditioner and then rinse it off and that seems to help. maybe try that. but i'm not sure if that would cause a break out or not check the ingredients and use at your discretion. also maybe laying off using face wash at all for tonig
  7. i've been using the cream and it's been working great. i actually only need to use the cream at night and then i can use a lighter lotion during the day. my skin is amazing. it's not oily at all or dry. i'm very thankful.
  8. i definitely feel the same way as you, platinum. i feel a little bit of a connection w/ ppl who are suffering from it and i have to catch myself to stop from staring not b/c i find them hideous but because i know exactly how they feel and i want to let them know that there are ways of dealing w/ it. i have been blessed w/ parents that actually care and deal w/ the expenses of getting me treatment. a lot of ppl aren't as lucky as me and so they end up never getting treated. it's sad.
  9. i'm using generic and honestly as long as i moisturize i feel like i'm not on even accutane (ok ok claravis but it's the same) at all. it's working wonders everyone's telling me how great my face looks. i have no oil. i wash my hair (therefore cut down on the amount of time spent styling it) less often...it's not gross it's amazing. my back has NOTHING on it at all. i'm very very happy w/ the results. i'm blessed to have very minimal side effects. if you're worried about the specific chemical
  10. my derm. told me the same thing. he put me on it b/c he said if he didn't scarring would start to be an issue. but i think he said this b/c accutane hopefully stops new blemishes from forming therefore new scars won't be able to form because when i asked him if it helped redness and scarring he said no. i think that's why they say it but then they just don't explain it very well.
  11. This is just bizarre: are you saying that all doctors get some sort of commission for the meds they prescribe? Because, NO prescription med of any sort would be sold unless a doctor somewhere prescribed it. On the other hand, doctors certainly do focus in on certain meds and also on certain brand names instead of generics. They may base this on their honest opinion that certain meds or brand names are better than others. Or, like the rest of us, may do it for other reasons like marketing.
  12. my headaches were bad at first too and went away after 2-3 weeks as someone else stated above...but btdt is right too...sometimes i'll get a little headache and eyedrops help. i've actually found that they help w/ a lot...keep visine handy
  13. many people have found that accutane does slow down the healing process...hang in there. it sucks but it will heal eventually.
  14. some ppl's skin doesn't look bad while on it tho. i know w/ mine i apply cetaphil cream at night and in the morning and my skin looks great. it's not oily at all but it's not flaky. it really just depends on the person, the dosage, etc. so don't be too afraid of a bad looking face, just be prepared to know that it could be dry looking.
  15. ok so here's something that's been on my mind. do you think that acne causes a bigger emotional impact on a person that has been battling w/ acne for years, or a person that gets it all of the sudden later in life? let me further explain why i'm curious by giving you my story: i'm a 19 year old female and would only get a few pimples here and there around my period (sorry guys, but girls surely understand). it was manageable and honestly didn't bother me much at all. then something changed. i'v