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  1. Check into the whole food diet, only natural vegetable carbs, lean meats, no or low dairy and little to no grains. You can modify this diet to your tolerance. Watch out for too many nuts too. Have you tried a retinoid yet? Always staying in touch with a good derm is smart IMHO. Retinoids are the gold standard and don't have to be used every night depending on condition of your skin. I've found my best results by combing more of a whole food diet, with a good retinoid and Benzaclin. Cut the caf
  2. I've used Differin (night) with Benzaclin (morning) for years with success. Some mornings I'll skip the BP to rest my skin or I'll rinse off with water after couple of hours helps so not to over dry my skin. Cereva moisturizer a couple of times a week as needed. Sali acid strips my skin too much of it's natural acid mantle which makes me oiler too. However BP in moderation actually can help reduce oiliness. Also, look into juicing vegetable drink daily as makes a big difference along with cu
  3. I'm in my 40's and have used everything through the years. Bought this product 2 weeks ago and it is very impressive so far. Balances my skin, makes the ph level perfect and feels good. Had a small pimple come up and it eliminated it in 2 days with the overnight spot treatment. I will say for many years I reduced my acne greatly by the palolithic diet and eliminating dairy was one of the most beneficial differences along with avoiding hydrogentated (transfats). Vitamins daily and fish oil too.