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    I love sports, working out, friends, and vacationing. Love staying in contact and helping out you guys!
    If ANYONE wants to talk to me, just message. We can either talk on the Org or by text, or whatever ways you wish! I know what your feeling.

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  1. Hey! Your acne is not bad. I know you think it may be but trust me, it is not bad. I see a lot of scarring and a few active blemishes as well, which is a good thing. I don't know if you have tried Benzoyl Peroxide or not but it's a good over the counter product to try. Look or a low dose 2.5% as to not dry out your face. Apply to the blemishes - It prevents future Acne bacteria and dries out old pimples. Good luck, and if you need any more help come back to the forums! WadeX
  2. I think they can inject cortisone into that cyst to get rid of it in a few days. The dermatologist should be able to do that, and it's quick and easy!
  3. Hey! So I just wanted to say that your acne isn't that bad and won't be noticed by people, as you may think. I suggest just go try some acne over the counter medications from your local store, such as Benzoyl Peroxide. If you are still worried and these medications do not work just head to a dermatologist and they will help you out pretty quickly! Hope this helped, WadeX
  4. Hello! So I know it's been awhile since I've last posted but I'm making some great progress! My face is INSANLEY dry but honestly it is getting better so who really cares! I moisturize and use different products on my lips. I have attached photos, I know, finally sorry about the wait. As you can tell no more huge blemishes or crazy red painful bumps, only small pimples. I am still on 30 mg a day and on month 2. I still have those blackheads and closed comedones though. Hopefully we can
  5. Thanks a ton. So I feel it's been real hard to actually continue to remember to take the pills every night, now moving up to twice a day. Besides this, there has been way more dryness than before; but it can be dealt with. I am not noticing any terrible mood swings, anger issues, or other side effects though!! I hope you all can benefit from this once it's over. I'll be sure to put up some pictures real soon! Thanks, WadeX
  6. Good luck Tret, hope both our journeys go well!
  7. Thanks so much DeLovely! Lots of dryness as of now, hydrocortisone for the lips is super helpful. My body isn't too dry otherwise. I am having some mood swings but I can manage. Feeling pretty good without an oily face! Hope all of your lives are going well, WadeX
  8. If your lips are dry: Hydrocortisone cream works SO well! Face: I use a Ceraphil Moisturizer (works the best but takes awhile to dry, which can be good) before bed, and in the morning and whenever throughout the day I use Aveeno non-comodegenic moisturizer. Hopefully this can help you, all products are available at drug stores, Target, and WalMart.
  9. Thanks, I'm feeling pretty good. Hopefully it won't get too much worse, anyway I get a lot of small pimples still but I'm an expert at popping now. On 30 mg is so we'll see how it goes.
  10. ^Good decision. And yes, turning brown is likely a sign of healing, deep acne turns that color. I had something that lasted like this for a long time, didn't hurt but was very noticeable. Its gone now and I never even went to a Derk. Never freak out, calm down and think. Then ask a knowledgeable person, wether it be Acne.org, your parents, or in he best case a derm. Good luck.
  11. Okaaaay, So guys, yesterday I went in to the Derm for my one month checkup (have to do it once a month for as long as I'm on the med). My blood work came back fine, which is good. My dosage has been bumped up to 30 mg a day, not full dosage, and three pills a day. One in the morning and two at night. I have seen a small amount of improvement, but of course I have lots of scarring so it's hard to keep track. Hope his helps some of you, WadeX
  12. Head to a derm and explain exactly what you told us. They will likely prescribe you an oral and topical medication. It may be a hassle, but in the end it becomes worth it. Also, listen and follow their instructions well. Hope it gets better!
  13. This is correct! Hydrocortisone can help heal chapped lips almost overnight. I'm on Accutane and seriously it works. Its cheap and you can use 1%. Hope it helps!
  14. Alright here is your month 1 Update: Going in tomorrow to get my Blood tests done. Yay. Hopefully everything is okay. I can't eat after 12 midnight until 7:30 when the tests get done (schedule it early so you don't have to go without eating). My face looks descent. No more oil, dryness, lips included. Use hydrocortisone it clears your lips up seemingly overnight. Lastly, pictures: I am still on 20 mg and we'll see if that changes after tomorrow. Heres the pics:
  15. I am finishing month one 20 mg Accutane and I have heard it won't clear completely until month 4-6 or longer. I think I may get my dose upped however.