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  1. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me dermapen saying derma rollers cause micro tearing, than dermanator saying dermpens cause micro tearing when the last two products are both hundreds of dollars and don't want people buying 7 dollar dermaroller so they can make a killing....
  2. Okay so a derma roller will do micro tearing but a derma stamp wont, why do u need a machine, I also read another article about the electric derma pen causing scarings because when your moving it it can still be in your skin
  3. The people on that video are also trying to sell the derma stamp electric pen for 300 dollars too, I have also read that that electric stamp could put scars on your face because while its going in your skin people move it side to side while its still in there, other than that one website have u seen any other information about that being true
  4. I have been reading on the internet about people saying dermarolling can cause tear like scarring but a derma stamp won't do that? Does anyone know if this is true??? Has anyone ever heard any cases of dermarolling making scars worse??
  5. Healthnut 91, I have researching about the derma roller for years and that is the 1st I heard of this.......
  6. I have done 6 rolls with 1.5 derma roller, I figured I should do 12 all together , than maybe move up to a 2.0 mm derma roller and do 12 of those? Any suggestions anyone ?????
  7. is 3 times okay for a non expensive roller off ebay okay? I don't roll that hard, everyone says get this procedure done and this one, and get this roller, im broke as fuck all I can afford is the cheap derma rollers and tca peel......that's it
  8. Whats a good wait time to go from one face peel to the next , only using 12 %....it barely peels? 1 week , 2 weeks, 3 weeks??? plz give me some feedback
  9. what is a automated device and I don't have the money for subcision and I read online and some people say they get scars from that that weren't there before
  10. Does it work to build collagen on your face thus helping acne scars? Feedback plz
  11. Im wondering if taking these pills helps with acne scarring, I know they do an excellent job with acne itself because a few years ago I used to for my acne and I tried everything in the world and it was the only thing that worked like a miracle, but does it help for scarring???
  12. Been using a 1.5 for a year now and wanna move up to 2mm , is it safe for home use? Plz help me out with some feedback
  13. Hello everyone my name is Nick and ive been trying to new ways to get rid of ice pick and rollings scars. Ive used the Derma roller 1.5 about 6 times with somewhat decent results but I tried the tca face peel and I am so happy with the way my skin is looking, it shines , and I know its healing the scars because there are specific scars on my face that I know by real well from looking at my self in the mirror and they are getting less deeper, plus even though I don't really have acne just some re
  14. Ive used the derma Roller 1.5 six different times for rolling and ice pick scars with no the best results, some people told me to look into a derma stamp, whats the difference? What would a stamp be used for that a roller couldn't of wouldn't do, can someone please give me some info on the stamp and what its best for, thanks everyone!
  15. Ive used derma roller 1.5 with little results, I ordered Tca Face peel and Msm Cream lotion and also waiting on that, I looked online u can get PMD Personal Microderm , does anyone know if it works for ice pick scars and rolling scars?