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  1. I haven't added or changed anything in the time i have used the regimen. I will try look for the AHA lotion, thanks for the tip.
  2. I have been using the regimen for about 4 and half months and my acne goes away and comes back just like in all the other medicines i have used. Every time I clear up I just expect it to come back again. Am I doing something wrong ? I am using Dan's Cleanser and BP every night and day and the moisturizer every once in a while when i feel my skin is dry. Any help would be appreciated, I am so sick of this acne already.
  3. Hi, i have been on the CSR for about 5 weeks or so and im just starting to break out again, but all this time i haven't been using the moisturizer because my skin hasn't been drying up from the BP. If on a particular day my skin was dry i would use it, but in generally I haven't been. I was wondering if i should use the moisturizer every night for better results or if it's just to help with dry skin.
  4. I personally think it does, Whenever i run out of a product and have to use a new or different one I almost always break out for some reason.