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  1. Seriously its quite off topic but i mean its the hardest thing that i do now i`m completely devoted to bodybuilding now and have not had any sexual intercourse in 3 weeks.... Its just so *&&* hard, but results are really great , i`m building mass like a monster, my face is getting clearier and clearier ( some spots here and there mostly whiteheads that last for a day ) but the big side effects are two I`m f*&&*& aggresive And i seriously cant sleep and not dream of banging
  2. I dont know if a girl is really beautiful 2-3 spots wouldnt make her ugly
  3. I Think Its My Eyes Everyone points them out then talking about my looks lol
  4. I just think that everything about this tv show is classic. Oh and it touches the beauty topic every minute
  5. I have finally got in to the rythm of not masturbating , well not really but i dont do it everyday like i did for something like 10 years, and now, i do it maximum one time a week, for like two months, and well, my bodybuilding results are increasing , my emotional status is just like it was when i didnt care about my face ( Primary school ) and finally now i get only like 2 spots a week... i dont know seems like it helps me.
  6. I feel good, i mean i`m man and i dont wear make up
  7. Yes going out of your home driving to friends , going to play pool, watching movies, playing basketball and laughing has made me completely good looking dude. If you dont believe me just look at my album photo. I had something like 50-55 pimples on my forehead last year.. would you believe now? i dont think so... so i guess having fun helps me. Maybe it will help you too.
  8. stop masturbating get some sun light or tan , shave your face everyday . haha, im actually shocked at how long ago i did masturbate so i probs should be doing it more!! Its quite scary. And for the shaving, i could actually do it everyday instead of once a week, get a very hairy faced fucker at times lol! well for myself i know these three do work.... but the hardest part is maintaining the shaving period day to day... it does really really help
  9. stop masturbating get some sun light or tan , shave your face everyday .
  10. omfg i got like two whiteheads and pooped them... i dont give a fuck
  11. Well today was the first day at school . So going further i met one guy i knew for something like 2 years , and he was considered one of the most stylish and cutest boys in town, at one time he started to sing , he turned all full of himself , conceited and all.. but. for past half year hes been totally normal as for socializing he was not conceited anymore, and well he had totally perfect skin for atleast like all of his years living but somehow today i saw him broken out So much in the forehea