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  1. oh and will the retin-a effect improve if I use it 2x per day instead of 1x?
  2. name: royal age: 19 Hiya, I haven't been to this board for some time, but here's my story: I have been off accutane for 8 months now, my acne is gone but I am left with superficial scarring wich is almost gone, but my real problem is this: Heavy sun exposure with the antibiotics and accutane seem to have left my skin with these marks, they are invisible up close but in a certain type of lighting my skin looks wrinkled in certain area's, when I touch the spots I feel a slight dent, and they loo
  3. les marques rouges pas se fanent plus rapidement, mais votre couleur de peau pourrait prendre environ 5 mois pour s'améliorer, bonne chance
  4. not to scare anyone but I've seen 2 cases who's faces are still very red in the areas where their acne had previously been, and of one it's been 4 years since he took it
  5. I had mild acne, and my derm said I should be clear by the third month, and I am. I didn't have an initial breakout either and in the official isotretinoin brochure it sais nothing about 6 months of worsening
  6. If you want to know what acne-drug could cause diminished brain function it is the antibiotic tetracycline, wich lowers your serum lithium clearing, wich may result in serum lithium toxicity, wich could result in ( permanent ) memory loss. Yet the chances of these things happening are so minimal it's no more of a threat than eating pizza, as long as your blood is being monitored on accutane there's not much risk involved.
  7. I use bp 5% on my cheeks morning & evening, I'm in my 3th month of accutane now
  8. actually on the box of my tube it sais: "keep the gel in the original container at room temperature between 15-25 C° ( = 60-80 F° ) Do not keep the gel in refridgerators or freezers"
  9. I had no problems using BP 10% on my cheeks during accutane, my face still retained its normal colour
  10. Het kan eerst erger worden in de 3e en 4e week Droge lippen en droge huid De eerste resultaten zijn meestal zichtbaar na de 4e week Sporten kan altijd, ik fiets elke dag zo'n 50 KM Als je een dosering hebt van bijv 40 MG kun je het beste tijdens ontbijt 20 MG ( 1 pil ) nemen en tijdens het avond eten
  11. put a towel over your pillow if you don't want to wash your pillow every day
  12. I also suffer emotional and psychological damage from college majors, just like from top 5 lists. lounge posts?
  13. quick update ( I'm kinda bored & just browsing the internet ) after a trip to the nearest town in the pooring rain I came to the "kruidvat" body store and bought the only other moisturiser available, "l'oreal hydrafresh" ( they had 3 moisturisers and the other 2 I've tried before ) and to my surprise it worked magically! I applied it in the morning and could smile all day without my face cracking! all and all a pretty good investment.
  14. I also was hesitant at going on accutane, I'm 18 now and after 6 years of suffering from acne and trying acne products I decided to go on accutane as I felt nothing would clear my acne ( wich is mild ) except for accutane. In the second week I noticed a major improvement, socially and mentally it gave me a huge boost, I'm in my 9th week and completely clear, with the exception of a few red marks. The only side effects I've experienced are chapped lips and scaling skin, wich I solved with blistex