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  1. Thank you so much for the explaination, really appreciated!
  2. I feel you so bad because i'm also terrified of scaring so bad, but what is accutane? I've heard if so many times
  3. What sunscreen do I even use during winter when it's really cold? I might gie acne regiment a try but is there any topical cream in a drugstore that you recommend will heal my acne quicker? Although, I wear sunscreen during summer, just no when it's cold etc, but thanks for letting me know! Edit: Also, what topical has vitamin c serum?
  4. I live in Sweden, there hasn't been 'sun' in like a month by now, as it's turning to winter it's already getting really cold. I've been waiting for years for them to fade but they get worse every day, and dothese vitamin c serum creams exist in drug stores? Thanks btw!
  5. So I have to do laser in order to treat those? Ain't there any topical creams that can help? Thanks for the reply tho
  6. Okay so, I started getting acne about 2 year ago and yet to be counting, i've visitted countless nurse and told me to use different creams and so on none of them has done it any better, they might not look bad in the pictures below but believe IRL they look even worse. I've done different research and this is probably my best chance of getting helping from experienced members Lately it's been going alot worse and even more pimples are forming, and i'm scared they will scar so please, what ca
  7. Hello, I had boxcar scar, they look like chicken pox scars, rounded (circular). I would say it depends on your scar Where the heck are you getting laser done for $50? The area treated was very small, so he gave me the discount to 50$
  8. Kevin9k9


    Scars? You're super cute, tbh I wouldn't use anything to harsh as seeing them from these pictures, your skin isn't bad at all, just some few spots and if you popped them, then they will heal sooner or later.
  9. Lol yeh I remember creating 10 threads and all were the same, never my attention to annoy anyone though Fractional laser
  10. I started laser treament about 6-7 months ago, these photos i'm about to show is not of my entire process, cause in the beggining I didn't see much a difference and lost hope, stopped taking photos but continued the treatments; Before laser treatment: http://imgur.com/IppMVDR Somewhere in middle i guess: http://imgur.com/5h9Twr5 Last treatment, now: http://imgur.com/HblYxok Still a little bit red as it's still healing, been about almost a month since my last treatment. About 50$ on ea
  11. Well I appreciate this but when I get abit older i'll probably do something about it tbh, irather have a gf with something like acne(scars) thats minor rather than flawless skin, because i'm not attracted to girls with like way to perfect skin.
  12. Might be a late reply, been really busy but eh, not sure how scars can turn on girls, I would understand if it was like line scars, like battlescars are sorta badass but eh, rounded scar in the middle of like forehead is another thing and I think any other person who has or would imagine having it, would see it the way I do. But thanks anyway lad Well idk how you see it but thank you. Well, you're not the first person to put a harsh comment.
  13. Now, I have had this scar ever since I was a kid (Saw a photo from when I was in like 2nd grade), worst part about it is that it's approx in the middle of my forehead, i've never heard about people complaining about my look though, i've had a gf but broke up few months ago but thing is, some people have asked me ''what is that on your forehead?'', that has really gotten to me. Well, i've started wearing cap, so you can't really see it just until I can find something to treat it with but eith
  14. Appreciate your answer bud, thank you. I tend not to smoke but, usually drink every now and then though
  15. SOrry for the delay, school eating me up My acne is looking like severe, i've had some pimples that didn't scar, but most of them do, I don't have cyst yet, not sure if my acne is actualyl turning into cyst either though I just wash my a daily at night, that's all, other than washing with luke water at morning I explain the same thign to myself, as I said above it's not really a big deal atm as it's just a small scar, but it's scaring me to know that my other pimples will turn out the s