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  1. It's around my eyes and mouth, and abit around the bottom of nose. I've been using the medication stuff for it right after getting out of the shower and then waiting for my face to dry before doing the bp treatment. It seems to help, instead of doing it after my face is dry / right before bp. And has been going away abit more, so less pain as well. I just wish there was a way to get rid of it for good.
  2. Toasticle


    About a year and a half ago, I got eczema.. somehow. I am not sure how it happens but it did and it hurt alot so I went to the doctor, he told me that's what it is, and it wont go away. But he gave me a prescription for "ketoderm" .. not sure what's in it right now but it does help at times. Anyways, my problem, is that I have the eczema on my face, along with bad skin, and I've been trying to do the regimen on the site, using benzoyl peroxide, and it really seems to be helping, but every while
  3. So, I've got no idea what's going on anymore. Been gone from home way too long, and it's wrecking the regimen more than I thought it would.. but I can't tell if my face is getting better or worse yet. Hopefully I can get my car fixed, back home and on the regimen as often as I should be.
  4. Still doing it. Almost at two weeks now. (That went by pretty quickly) I took a day off last friday or saturday because the eczema just hurt too much. Got it pretty much fixed around the eyes, so they only hurt abit now, but hasn't gone completely. But taking that day off was bad I think because I had abit of a breakout and it's still healing. Oh well.. And it's so hard to not touch my face o_0 cause it gets a little bit itchy at times, and when I touch it, it gets instantly worse Anyways
  5. Ok.. so hurts like hell now. Some of the eczema doesn't like this I guess, and it's been hurting so badly the last couple days. It's not as bad today, but I've stopped using the bp and moisterizer around my eyes, and have been using the eczema medication instead there. Hopefully it will go away soon. And, I think the bp has also started to affect me, face has been sort of irritated and itchy and it's so hard not to touch it and scratch now. Going to keep going with it though. Pain sucks.
  6. Still doing fairly well.. abit of irritation beside my eyes from the eczema I think.. so put some stuff on that to stop it from hurting. First day at work on the regimen.
  7. Third day. I sorta fell asleep last night and skipped it. Still going great, it's working much better than I expected this early. Hardly any irritation, and improving quickly with very few new breakouts. Havn't even had to use the eczema medication. This is even working better than it.
  8. So far, I like using the moisturizer. It has "cooling menthol" in it and makes my face smell minty It's also helping so far, because my skin feels alot better, and seems to be controlling the eczema I was told I had last year, and that it wouldn't go away. Maybe it's just because I was too hard on my face?
  9. Went and found all the thing I need to begin the regimen, and tonight will be my first attempt at it. Hopefully it will go well, and maybe even quickly. Not sure if I want to take pictures of it or not yet.