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  1. How long should i wait between subcision treatments? What is the minimum time? I have deep scarring so i will probably need 2 or more subcisions. Thank you all for your answers
  2. And how long should i wait after laser before working out again?
  3. I started going to the gym 3 months ago and im planning to do a few rounds of subcision and some ablative laser(CO2 or Erbium) Is it OK to lift weights after these acne scar treatments or do i have to take a break from exercising for some time? If not, how long should i wait before starting to work out again?
  4. Ozay I thought your scarring was much worse that that. If this is the harsh lightning then i guess in normal light your face looks completely normal.
  5. Sure why not. This is my worst cheek. My right cheek is pretty much okay and i only have one scar there but it is the biggest and the deepest(fat loss). I would post pic of that too but at the moment i dont have my fathers camera here so i cant..
  6. Hey,

    My scars are moderate with a few deep ones, but it covers my face so overall it is, idk...it sucks. Don't really care to post pics though. Sorry.

    1. Ozay im just curious, are your scars very deep, moderate or shallow? Could you post a picture of your scarring?
    2. If i got this right then treatments like excision should be very safe and effective (it would leave no scar) ?
    3. May i ask how much % improvement have you got from dermarolling and what needle size are you using?
    4. You can try dermastamping and maybe single needling if you havent yet
    5. Ozay what kind of acne scarring do you have(rolling, boxcar, icepick) ?
    6. I guess they are called scarred pores. They are about 1mm wide but pretty deep. Is it possible to do TCA cross on such tiny pits? Im not sure if toothpick is thin enough..
    7. sts54 i want to try TCA cross too for my scarred pores but they are very small like 1mm wide so im not sure its a good idea..Are you treating scarred pores too or just ice pick scars?
    8. Hello, I have lots of scarred pores on my left cheekbone, like 20 of them. They are all about 1mm wide and 1-2 mm apart from eacother. I also have some deep boxcar scars but these really concern me too. Would TCA cross help with those or are they too small and too close?