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  1. You will never attract women if you do those 3 creepy things: 1 be short 2 be bald 3 have acne Those are clear indications of bad personality, women can sense those
  2. Well, I have some doubts, but I don't think you are lying because to be honest you have no reason too. Thing is that even if that worked in your case, what makes you think it would work for anybody else? Although I agree with general idea to not let acne ruin your life, it can be really bad but we have choice how we react. I doubt this can make real physical change, but it can change life
  3. I live in EU and I just bought Benzoyl Peroxide 10% lol(costed me roughly 4,5euro). Also 300mg lymecycline is maybe more than enough, there is version of 150mg maybe it would be enough? Remember that antibiotics have not only antibacterial but also antinflammatory effect.
  4. I had severe acne, now it's moderate. I feel better about it too, but I have worse problems. I've tried antibiotics few times and last time(7 years ago) something happened and I have chronic stomach(and jaw lol) pain 24/7. I went true suicidal depression because I couldn't handle the pain. Mindfullness meditation helped me, and I still try to get a diagnosis. I regretted so much that I was so desperate to try to treat my acne, that regret was even worse than pain. I was in state like that for ~
  5. 30 years old over here, don't stress about it - first 15 years with acne are bad after that it gets better and better. Or at least you don't sweat about it too much
  6. What hospital/laboratory did you sent your samples? I want to make some tests too, but I'm not sure how average laboraties are accurate? BTW I have gut issues too and none of the probiotics helped me, even VSL#3, so count yourself lucky
  7. Sure! https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF00561551 https://www.emedicinehealth.com/zinc-page3/vitamins-supplements.htm (in the middle of the page their talking about tetracyclines)
  8. Ask your doctor but you should NOT take zinc with minocycline(or any tetracycline) as zinc will severaly decrease effects of minocycline. If you really HAVE to take zinc then take it few hours after(and before) minocycline.
  9. It is possible that doxycyline was just working better for you OR there is resistance already built, and neither minocycline nor doxycycline will work again for you. And yes lowering dose to 100 mg per day is a wise move till your derm appointment. If 200 mg is not working better then 100 mg then there is no reason to stay on that dose and risk side effects. Btw tretinoin is good but it can cause breakouts. That's why you not should use it that often and alternate it with benzoyl peroxide(you
  10. If you stop taking tetralysal then there most probable is that acne will return(although maybe dianette will keep it in bay, dunno I'm a guy) And yet tetralysal has big effect on internal health. If you are not doing it, take some probiotics(just not the same time as you take antibiotic as it will make probiotic almost useless) and eat some prebiotic food(find what are those on google). Try not to return to antibiotic, instead try to maintain effect by using good topicals. Buy some cheap over
  11. I was on the 408mg. My acne came straight back so I'm probably going to have to ask for a different antibiotic. Oh okay. Although you should know, that you really shouldn't be so long on any antibiotic. Did you tried any topical stuff? Derms usually prescribe antibiotics because topical retinoids can cause initial breakout and oral/topical antibiotics are there to help you through first few weeks.
  12. 3 years? It's quite a long time, can you say what was your dose? Was it 150 mg per day?
  13. Thing is, that sooner or later you have to finish your oral antibiotics course. And that's why you are using topicals. Topical like Differin can work longterm and put you into longer remission, but they can also caouse initial breakout. That's why you are using oral antibiotics, to lessen that IB. But, if your skin have problem with Differin, then of course you don't have to use it. I would recommend trying something close to Differin, but maybe what will work better for you. Maybe Epiduo?
  14. Even if your acne is hormonal diet can have influence on it. It's not always the case but I just wanted to mention that. Weight mass is not that important when taking the antibiotics - they are working on bacteria not directly your cells. Besides 158lb(well I had to convert this to kilograms before judging ;)) is rather an average weight, and 100mg mino is an average dose. Accutane is difference - cumulative dose should be coresponding with your weight. Cumulative, so daily dose is not that imp
  15. Accutane is a serious business, but you can't be on antibiotics forever. I don't know how many things you tried for your acne. I encourage to try and have some sort of journal what you eat and if it coresponds with your acne level. Important thing: if you eat something that will aggreviate your acne it doesn't need to happen like next day or two. Formation of 'pimple' is a process that can last for at least a few days. Of course diet it's just controling your acne. I will say more - for some p