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  1. All is going well with the tetinoin! Today is one week... I am switching to every night now. Small blackheads still surfacing, peeling has died down a bit... Red marks are improving. My fave cannot decide if it's dry, oily or both... Still have the icky texture but am confident the this will help! If anyone's reading my progress I would love to hear from you!
  2. Have you reached a solution? I too have been dealing with this same problem! I just started tretinoin gel... Hoping it will help!
  3. Not sure if anyone is reading this but I'll post anyways. I started the tretinoin on Tuesday... I haven't really had much happen... No irritation or super sensitive red areas... Just flaking... And flaking... And more flaking. Still only in the areas which were damaged... Which gives me hope that I'm flaking off the stuff that really needed to go! I look really scary, with or without makeup... But at least my makeup covers my red marks I suppose! Still going every other night... No new pimples.
  4. I have used cerave without problems... I was using benzamycin so my skin is pretty dried out... Oily at the same time... Cerave has great ingredients to help restore! So... Used the tretinoin 2 nights ago... Just moisturized last night woke up looking not too terrible... Until I put on my make up! Flake city! The flakiness is much worse in my weird textured areas... Maybe those areas are dead and dry and need to come off... Let's hope so! Anyway... Not much redness this morning so I think I will
  5. I started tretinoin micro 0.04% last night... I plan on starting every other or every third night to begin and I am also using a hydrating serum and cerave lotion... Just thought I would share my plan with you guys and keep you posted... Fingers crossed!!!
  6. Thanks guys... Acne is still greatly improving! However... This horrible texture remains... The weird part is that my left side looks worse than my right... Here is an updated pic of today let me know what you think! I've tried intense hydration masks, serums, moisturizers... Nothing seems to plump my skin back up or get rid of this crinkley porous texture. Anyone else experience this or know of it will heal?
  7. I need help! I am a 25 year old and my skin looks very weird and damaged! I broke out with some pretty inflamed and irritated acne in April... It has since gotten waaaay better but I feel like my skin has been very damaged. Even when the acne was at its worst I noticed a very weird texture to my face... Looked like open pores but when my face is stretched they look normal... Almost like sagging or stretched out skin... The acne is improving greatly but texture remains rough... When you feel it i