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  1. I would appreciate help in identifying this rash. I've had it for at least three months. Honestly, it might have been more than a year; I just wasn't paying close attention. It does not burn, itch, or show any symptoms of being dry. I wouldn't even know I had it without a mirror. I only use benzoyl peroxide on my nose and chin. I used to use Cetaphil facial cleanser, but just tried CeraVe facial cleanser this morning. I stopped using the acne.org moisturizer four days ago and have bee
  2. I simply can't use BP in those areas at all. Fortunately, I have found that the areas with the skin conditions have none or small amounts of acne. I currently just use BP on my nose, chin, and upper lip, where I break out the most. Then, every evening, I mix the acne.org moisturizer with the acne.org AHA and apply all over my face. This seems to help. The AHA will irritate the skin condition just a little bit, but it is not bad enough for me to stop.
  3. I use Dan's AHA all over. It will burn like crazy at first, but it seems to not really affect the rashes.
  4. I stopped using BP in the areas affected. I'm using glycolic acid in the affected areas. I was at about a week without BP; there was no pus, and they were no longer bright red. The skin still felt matte like paper, though. My skin FLIPPED out when I put on a white cream on Halloween. So I'm back to square one of recovery. Once I can slightly fade out my acne, I'm hoping the AHA will keep new pimples from forming.
  5. Thanks for all of the information. One more thing: what did you do to help reduce your acne after getting this inflammation?
  6. The thing is that I used BP on my face for quite a while, and never had this problem. My skin never showed any signs of this, either. How long did it take your skin to recover?
  7. I need all the help I can get. This is driving me insane. I've had it for at least a month now. I've had to basically stop my whole acne treatment to keep this from flaring up. If you look at the attached image, you will notice that I have this red spot right above my jawline. I have them on both sides of my face. The side I took the picture of is the worst. Whenever I apply benzoyl peroxide, this spot becomes red and releases pus. After several hours the pus will harden and it will begi
  8. Bleached Shirts

    Bad Value

    Bad Value

    This is a thick cream that can cause irritation when rubbing in. If it is not rubbed in well, it will harden as a thick cream, and will not soak into the skin completely. Since this is marketed as a spot treatment, the price on this small tube is high.
  9. Amazing When Used CORRECTLY

    These do a VERY good job at absorbing oil. They are not wet. They are silky blue sheets that grab oil with each dab. The knockoff versions (CVS brand), are white and matte like paper, and do not absorb as well. This matte material produces more drag, and can irritate the skin. These are useful when used correctly, meaning not over-used. If you cleanse your face twice daily, you should not use these more than once per day. Constant oil loss results in an increased oil production, leading t
  10. Not Good For Oily Skin

    This is thinner than the regular CeraVe moisturizer, but the same besides that. It absorbs well, hydrates well, and does not produce a shine or leave the face white. It moisturizes much better than the Acne.org Cleanser. The bottle should last about a month with once daily application. When applying over benzoyl peroxide, the moisturizer can clump. This is not completely avoidable, but allowing the benzoyl peroxide to completely dry, along with gently rubbing a generous amount helps. Afte
  11. Not Good For Acne Sufferers

    This does not seem to moisturize very well. Also, because it contains sunscreen, it should not be used on damaged or broken skin (as labeled on the package). Many acne sufferers have broken skin (especially when first starting use of benzoyl peroxide). Besides that, it makes your face very pale. When applying over benzoyl peroxide, the moisturizer can clump. This is not completely avoidable, but allowing the benzoyl peroxide to completely dry, along with gently rubbing a generous amount hel
  12. Not Good For Oily Skin

    This is thicker than the CeraVe facial moisturizers, but not as thick as the Cetaphil moisturizer. Besides the thickness, this is extremely identical to the CeraVe PM facial moisturizer. This absorbs well, hydrates well, and does not have a shine, or leave the skin pale. It moisturizes much better than the Acne.org Cleanser. When applying over benzoyl peroxide, the moisturizer can clump. This is not completely avoidable, but allowing the benzoyl peroxide to completely dry, along with gently
  13. The Truth Behind This Mositurizer

    Other reviewers have posted negative reviews stating that this moisturizer dried out their skin. Let me explain this... I switched away from this to a few different CeraVe moisturizers, because I did not like the shine this put on my face. Using CeraVe for the first week was great, until my face had a thick, waxy layer I could not wash off. My face then started producing the same shine with CeraVe, along with a few breakouts. The reason behind this is because I have an o
  14. UPDATE: I Like It More Than Regimen Cleanser

    Compared to the Acne.org Cleanser, this product dries the skin basically just as much. This product does not lather up as well. This product would not be ideal to shave with. Update: I have decided that I prefer this cleanser over the Acne.org cleanser, only because it replaces the ceramides the skin loses from the AHA. It also adds niacinamide. These ingredients are naturally produced by the skin, and are beneficial. Although this cleanser doesn't lather as well as th
  15. I've been on the regimen for right at five weeks now, and my neck is still experiencing dryness. My face adapted fairly quickly, considering I was on Proactiv right before switching. My neck has not, however. I normally use benzoyl peroxide only on the underside of my head, and not on the rest of my beck. For some reason, the rest of my neck dries out as well. Even if I don't use benzoyl peroxide on it for a couple of days, it is still dry/tight. I've noticed it becomes dry and tight right