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  1. Spiro worked like a charm for me... though for the first year, I did lose probably 1/4 of the hair on my head (no bald spots, it just thinned out A LOT). It freaked me out, but I figured that hair can grow back, but acne scars are for good. So I kept on, and now the hair loss has stopped and it seems to be growing back. I think the key is a low dose, twice a day, always at the same time, keep healthy, and keep stress levels low. For me, I prefer clear, non painful skin to super full hair, though
  2. I am a 22 years old, my jawline acne started when I was 19. It started after a very unhealthy summer of lots of drinking, late nights, stress, and unhealthy eating habits. I had just started the atkins diet and the birth control pill (sorry, can't remember which one) when it cropped up.... and almost overnight, cysts took over my lower face. I did everything to try and control it. I stopped taking the birth control pill, I stopped drinking, started eating fruits and complex carbs again (in hop
  3. When did you stop taking it? It has a diuretic, as you probably know... and being dehydrated can age you DRASTICALLY. Hopefully, that is the problem, because it doesn't make sense that it would age you that much that quickly. Try drinking TONS of water for about a week, it's good for you whether or not it helps. The only other thing I can think of is maybe it messed up your already fragile hormones even more... and now they are all out wack, they are making you look different. Slight hormonal ch