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  1. What about sleep, how much hours of sleep do you all mostly get a day? What is the right amount of sleep that is needed? 9 or 10 hours?.... :-k
  2. My acne has started creeping back the last couple of days so im just making sure that i do all the little things properly to stop this from getting any worse. I reckon its coz ive gotten quite lazy about my overall hygiene, so im going to get my act together again.. by not touching my face, etc. But id like to know how many glasses of water does everyone drink a day? I drink about 5 glasses a day. Is that enough? Oh and is water that essential to helping your skin?
  3. LOL......you could of came up with something better than peace in the world..... who cares about peace? I think i would care about myself being clear than others having peace.
  4. Wash with cold water then moisturise with clean and clear dual moisturiser (has salycylic acid in it) day and night. 90% clear since i started this routine
  5. Thanks for that link hottie. What did you mean by w/b and <3 me 8-[
  6. Thanks Panto. Any other supplements anyone can suggest i would need or is that all i need?
  7. Hi this is the first time im posting on this board, i had just been on the regimen for a month and just gave up on it a few days ago. My skin just couldnt take all the dryness, maybe mainly coz ive got brown skin and our skin is quite more sensitive compared to white skin. Anyway after stopping the regimen for a few days my skin is already looking so much better and i have decided from now on to just wash with water and moisturise coz i just get the feeling ive caused my acne to get like this by