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  1. I've been using cover girl smoothers and its alright, but its starting to make my face break out and its worst when I sweat. Is there is any GOOD tinted moisturizer that will not wear off after sweating? I can't take using what I am now, it makes my face feel like crap after taking it off, not only that but I think its making my face redder.
  2. well its spring so yes, but I have this problem even in the winter time.
  3. I don't what it is about eye make up, but everytime I wear it, it always bothers me by the end of the day, weather its cream, or power. My eyes get very watery and sore, and most of the time the end of the day comes, my make up has already rubbed off. Is there any good eye shadow that won't irritate your eyes and will stay on?
  4. I bought Cover girl tinited moisturizer but I think it might break me out. I don't break out anymore, rarely. And I got a pimple. I tried just that yesterday and today I used the physicans green concealer and powder bluff and made such a HUGE different. I have finally founds something to cover me up and I think its bad for my skin. This is why I don't buy over the counter stuff
  5. do you need a primer to put on tinted moisturizer and will it come off with just face cleanser?
  6. I've been looking for a tinted moisturizer and the first one I tried was the Physcians Formula, it was way to dark/orange on me. It was the fair to light shade. Judging from this picture and anyone who's really good at judging other people's shade and has used Physcians Formula what would be the best shade for me. I bought the green concealer and mineral powder stuff but haven't used it yet. I've spent so much money on make its its stupid. I don't want to wear foundation just something to light
  7. Is the Aloette products any good? Does it contain any ingredients that will cause clogging or break out? http://www.aloette.com/reduce_redness I'm looking for make up specially for covering up make up, I don't want foundation or concealer, just something easy, this sounds interesting.
  8. I use dove for washing and for lotion but I'm thinking of trying something new to see if it will help my facial redness. Any recommendation?
  9. I posted a picture a long time but I'll get a new one up. I've heard Laura Mercier and estee lauder are good make up, but I dunno if there acne safe. Has anyone tried those?
  10. I'm done with mineral makeup, it just doesn't do it for me. I'm looking into trying out liquid though I may like cream foundation better I dunno. I tried it many many years ago, and it was a terrible mistake, but at the time I knew nothing about make up or what to look for. I grabbed a random one and that was it lol. I know liquid/creme is much different then mineral make up and even how to apply it, so any help on how to apply or/and how to choose the right shade would be helpful. Which is be
  11. Does this have stuff in the ingredients that makes you break out? also, is there any free samples because with my budget no way in hell am I paying 30 bucks for something that might not even work.
  12. I actually don't use MaMa Lotion anymore, I forgot I had that in my sig. But I use everything else still. For the most part it keeps me from breaking out badly but my face is still red. I'm just afraid to try a new make up because it might break me out like any cream make up, but I'll try and check those out. Trouble is I never could fine my right shade with EM make up, I don't know how much success I will have with cream.
  13. I've had it with foundation and concealer, I've tried so much makeup its not even funny and I still can't find anything. Is there a trick without foundation to hide redness? Although to hid my general acne would be grand but that's hasn't work for me either.