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  1. Use Cetaphil dry to very dry moisturizing cream. Nothing else has ever worked for me and I've experimented with the regimen for 10 years.
  2. I first got acne when I was 17, out of nowhere. I had never had a pimple before in my life. I've been on the regimen since 20. I'm now 30. For a lot of us, there is no growing out of acne.
  3. From my experience (10 years on the regimen, living in a cold climate) the only thing that works to mask the flakes is cetaphil dry to very dry moisturizing cream. I know you're not supposed to use a cream but no lotions work for me. I've tried everything you can think of, Dan's moisturizer, Cerave, AHA+, jojoba, neutrogena, etc etc etc and they don't do much to mask the flakes.
  4. I started the regimen when I was 20. I stopped a few times to see if I "outgrew" my acne. I'm now 30 and am still using the regimen. I never thought I'd be 30 and still have acne, but that's life. Consider accutane if you like, it's a viable option. I thought I would have the same problem when I went camping, but remember it doesn't have to be in the bathroom especially if you have a small travel sized portion antibacterial soap...
  5. I note on the do's and dont's list, that Moisturizing creams are a "don't. I use Cetaphil dry to very dry Moisturizing Cream, because every single other moisturizer I have ever used (and I have tried pretty much every single one in my 10 years on the regimen) don't stop me from peeling. EVerything from Cerave, to Dan's jojoba oil to neutrogena moisturizers do nothing to stop my flaky face. How is it possible that people can use that stuff?
  6. Anyone have any advice? I'm not popping my pimples, nor am I going out into the sun, but 3 months back on the regimen my face isn't clearing up at all and every single pimple is leaving behind big red/dark spots. I'm using only acne.org products and following the regimen exactly.
  7. The Regimen is a method of last resort due to it's time consuming nature and side effects. I've stopped a few times, thinking there has to be something else that can help which doesn't take an hour each day and leaves my face completely flaky at all times. I've gone off and tried a million different things, but not success. SO I come back to the reigmen. I'm 30 years old and started it when I was 20.
  8. As a 30 year old who has had acne since 18, the only thing that has "cured" my acne is exposure to sunlight on a daily basis. When I had summer jobs outside, I never had acne. Vitamin D supplements do nothing for me.
  9. I was on the regimen for about 8 years. It wasn't a fix but it reduced my acne. I quit the regimen last year as I got fed up with the flakyness and lack of total success. I started it again about 3-4 months ago Not only is the reigmen not having much success on my acne (I am using only approved products and am following directions to the letter) Pimples are leaving big red marks only my face that aren't fading at all. I'm 30 years old. I'm not going out into the sun at all (I live in Northern Ca
  10. I developed acne at 17. I turn 30 in 2 days. It hasn't gotten better at all. People who say acne just goes away in their 20's are quite lucky.
  11. I've been on the regimen for close to 10 years. I've never been able to solve the flakiness. I live in Northern Canada (temps go down to -50). For some of us, the flakiness is just as bad as the pimples. With the strongest moisturizers and jojoboa oil having no effect, what do you suggest we do when it's clear our skin will never adapt to the regimen like Dan is able to in his videos?
  12. I started the regimen at 20. I always thought I'd grow out of acne in my 20's. I turn 30 in two weeks and if I stop the regimen my acne comes roaring back. Some people don't grow out of acne, it looks like I'm in that camp.
  13. I can't fix my dry skin. I wake up with a flaky beard every morning. I also get flakes when I eat. I use the strongest cetaphil moisturizer on the market along with jojoba oil. I use Aha+ every 3 days. Nothing changes. When I use BP only once a day, it doesn't stop my acne. Even massaging the jojobo oil over my skin won't help. When I'm in the shower and when I get out of it my skin is still covered in whiteness. I don't think there is any fixing this.
  14. I use Cetaphil dry to very dry moisturizer, lots of a jojobo, aha+ and humidifier. It's a catch 22, cut back on the bp and the acne comes back, follow the routine and the flakyness never stops. I haven't found a way to beat the flakyness. It seems like everyone on this forum has to be from the warm U.S (yes New York is warm compared to most of Canada) in order not to have this problem. I'd love to see Dan try his regimen in -40 weather rather than in California.