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  1. Does accutane reduce pour size? or make then look better in any way?
  2. thinking of you. hope you are feeling better.


  3. Cheer up. PM me if you want to talk,I know how you feel. I feel same way.

  4. My mind is a mess it has been for a while, ive been over obsessing about my acne and it has literally ruined my life. Most people my age have a fairly good life, but I have no real friends, no career cant even drive yet which pisses me off. Im 24 years old and I feel like im 5 years behind everybody else. I just feel so low, and have no idea how to be happy. Also recently ive been having suicidal thoughts, thinking to myself "whats the point" and "would anyone care if im here" I just feel im
  5. Damm I hate facebook! You see all your old friends/people you know having the time of there life with pics of there cool friends and places they have been ect.... While i still have acne at 24 and stuck at home cos ive lost all my good mates and I feel like shit. ...but the thing is i cant stop going to the website, im soo sad!
  6. Well at the moment my hair is a mess, dry and messy Im a man skinny oval shape face, thin pointed nose, and damm acne! What kinda hair would suit me?
  7. Hey Just finished uni and had a few mates there, but over time just lost all of them cos I kept staying at home and not going out and they just got fed up and pissed and moved on, So now, ive got like 0 real friends left, and is soo damm lonely I dont know what to do, I dont what to be lonely all my life...but where can I make new friends now?
  8. Does anyone have brown/dark skin and white marks? What can reduce these?
  9. Thanks for the great replies Im glad to see im not alone! I finish uni in a week and after that I have to find work, which im shitting myself about. My face is covered in marks and hyperpigmentation and dont know if I can face it everyday! My mind is all over the place and I don't know how I would focus at work everyday Other people have told me just wear shine/oil free makup....but I find that kinda strange being a guy. And I just feel it make look obvious. How do you people cope with work/
  10. Hey I just feel like there is a mental block, I find it really hard to focus and do anything. Acne is on my mind all the time and all I can think about is how bad it looks and what new ways I can try to sort it. I use to have real confidence and a "get and up and go" attitude but now its like a brain fog its really hard to focus. Acne has drained all my energy over the years, and just made me mentally shattered. Anybody else is a similar situation
  11. Anybody tried any form of herbal medicine, ive heard the results can be good. Specifically with the oldest form of medicine known to man ayurvedic medicine. This is where natural herbs and controlled diet can take acne away.
  12. Yeah had the same problem, my final year of uni is over and I regret not having more fun! I too focused on my skin and missed so many cool nights out. Trust me acne is not worth loosing a good uni life over...i really regret the nights and social events I missed. I know its damm hard but you gotta just say fuck it my skin may not be great but I am at uni and im gonna have fun. I know the times I did be social with mates it was great I forgot about my skin and just had a good time, people dont re