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  1. With tazorac its gunna make your skin die and peel a lot. The best thing to do is put it on, leave it for about 45 minutes till it sinks in, then put some kind of lotion, i use shea body butter, over it. It allows the gel to do its work but you dont wake up with the dry/red crappy skin skin looks healthy and good and no pimples
  2. Hey guys, i get cysts too right around the nose and one day i had the thought, if they put cortosone (by shot) into the cyst to help it go away, what would happen if i went out and bought some cortosone cream and put it ON the cyst. The combination of that, using an icepack to keep the swelling down, and putting a topical anti-biotic all on two or three times a day seems to help a lot (or maybe im just seeing what i want to see?). Anyway i started this all when i got the first signs of the cyst