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  1. heymynameis

    Accutane As A Last Resort (Long Post)

    I decided to go through with it! Here is my story about my treatment! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/360696-my-isotretinoin-accutane-story/
  2. Warning: This is a long post. I wrote this post to talk about my skin journey and to show others that it does get better! It is a long post, and is very detailed in order to help people get an understanding of this treatment route and the effects of it! Back Story Last year, I had been contemplating on taking accutane as a last resort to get rid of my stubborn acne. I had literally tried everything including OTC products containing BP and SA, LUSH products, proactiv,
  3. So I've read that birth control pills help you get of acne? I got prescribed a birth control because I'll be going on accutane, but I heard that the birth control pills will help me with my acne as well? Note: I do tend to break out more before my menstrual cycles. Also, will I get nauseous from taking them?
  4. heymynameis

    Oily Skin & Vitamin D

    Hey everyone! I have oily skin, and it's gotten progressively worse. I believe it's a great contributor to the acne on my face, and I recently started seeing a derma for my acne. I'm wondering if vitamin D would help me with my oiliness? I've been looking around the forums seeing people taking vitamin D really helped. On my recent blood works, I had a deficiency in Vitamin D (which is weird because I live in Florida and I went to the because for a whole week straight before the blood work was
  5. Hello everyone, I have gone ahead and started the process towards a journey on accutane. I've gotten through the 30 day period prior to being able to take accutane and today I received a call from my pharmacy telling me they have my prescription from my derma but they couldn't access it because it wasn't cleared in the iPledge system. I also received a call from my derma saying I needed to answer the questions online on the iPledge system. So, I logged on to it and clicked "comprehension quest
  6. heymynameis

    Accutane As A Last Resort (Long Post)

    Thanks for your input! Have you struggled with very stubborn acne and tried everything pretty much? I would like to know what worked for you! Thank you for your reply! If you don't mind me asking, what type of skin do you have? Oily or dry etc And how long did you take accutane for? Did you experience any of the side effects people complain about?
  7. Hello everyone! I have joined these forums just to talk about accutane! I'm an 18 year old female who has been avoiding accutane for as long as I could. Basic History: I basically have very oily, acne prone skin. I have especially larger pores on my cheeks near my nose. Throughout the day my makeup never last because my skin will get oily within a few hours. Anyways, my first bad break out was when I was in seventh grade nearing eighth grade. I had pimples mostly on my cheeks and forehead,