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  1. Yea the B complexes have very little B5 in them, so don't worry you wont overdose.
  2. One of the things I like about acniecure gel a lot is that it really helps to hydrate your skin. I mainly use C&C Blackhead Scrub and C&C Acne Fighting Control, and after that I would put on the acnicure gel, this really helped with the dryness and the inflammation. It made those "flakes" disappear instantly. At first your skin might feel a little drawn, but then when it dries it feel nice and smooth. I would always put one squirt on my forehead, and one squirt on each of my cheeks, a
  3. B5 doesn't work just like Accutane, but similarly since it decreases your oil. But no I haven't had any problems with healing.
  4. Yea I used to get a lot of redmarks after the popped pimple healed up.
  5. That's definetly a load of bull, I've had it work for me. Like Azur said, he wants to sell his stupid book.
  6. Yes, it actually can help you get skinnier. It was in an article somewhere. And you can use any topicals with B5 that you wish.
  7. There IS B5 in food, but the amounts are so scarce that you would need to eat massive amounts of food to reach the desired amount.
  8. Well wow, I've been taking 10g of B5 daily for the past 3/4 months now and it has gotten me incredibly clear. I have NO active pimples, all I have is left over red spots which are fading. B5 has definetly helped me get rid of my acne, I was having constant breakouts for several years. Along with the B5 I also followed a strict regimen of C&C Blackhead Scrub, C&C Continuous Acne Cleanser, Acnemiracle's Acnicure Gel, and Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion. Now I am also using Strive
  9. Add some whiskey too. Gives it a nice kick and gives you a buzz.
  10. Yea that's why I'm glad to say I take lots of other B vitamins. If you looked for a story like this with every single medication you would fill the world with books. This shouldn't scare people, B5 has gotten me 98% clear and is still working. B5 is great.
  11. Clean & Clear Blackhead Scrub Remember, blackheads are under the skin so they can take a couple of weeks to get rid of.
  12. I was born in Prague, so it's my favorite city. =) There are lots of other good cities in the Czech Republic to check out as well like Olomouc or Zlin.